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npm i jasmine-spec-reporter
yarn add jasmine-spec-reporter
pnpm add jasmine-spec-reporter


Spec reporter for jasmine behavior-driven development framework



class DisplayProcessor

class DisplayProcessor {}


    constructor(configuration: Configuration, theme: Theme);

      property configuration

      protected configuration: Configuration;

        property theme

        protected theme: Theme;

          method displayFailedSpec

          displayFailedSpec: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

            method displayJasmineStarted

            displayJasmineStarted: (info: SuiteInfo, log: string) => string;

              method displayPendingSpec

              displayPendingSpec: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                method displaySpecErrorMessages

                displaySpecErrorMessages: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                  method displaySpecStarted

                  displaySpecStarted: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                    method displaySuccessfulSpec

                    displaySuccessfulSpec: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                      method displaySuite

                      displaySuite: (suite: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                        method displaySummaryErrorMessages

                        displaySummaryErrorMessages: (spec: CustomReporterResult, log: string) => string;

                          class SpecReporter

                          class SpecReporter implements CustomReporter {}


                            constructor(configuration?: Configuration);

                              method jasmineDone

                              jasmineDone: (runDetails: RunDetails) => void;

                                method jasmineStarted

                                jasmineStarted: (suiteInfo: SuiteInfo) => void;

                                  method specDone

                                  specDone: (result: CustomReporterResult) => void;

                                    method specStarted

                                    specStarted: (result: CustomReporterResult) => void;

                                      method suiteDone

                                      suiteDone: (result: CustomReporterResult) => void;

                                        method suiteStarted

                                        suiteStarted: (result: CustomReporterResult) => void;


                                          enum StacktraceOption

                                          enum StacktraceOption {
                                          NONE = 'none',
                                          RAW = 'raw',
                                          PRETTY = 'pretty',

                                            member NONE

                                            NONE = 'none'

                                              member PRETTY

                                              PRETTY = 'pretty'

                                                member RAW

                                                RAW = 'raw'

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