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npm i jsii-release
yarn add jsii-release
pnpm add jsii-release


Release jsii modules to multiple package managers



class GoReleaser

class GoReleaser {}
  • Release a set of Golang modules.


constructor(props: GoReleaserProps);

    method release

    release: () => GoRelease;
    • Run the release process.


      metadata about the release.


    interface GoModule

    interface GoModule {}
    • Information about a specific module.

    property cannonicalName

    readonly cannonicalName: string;
    • The cannonical name of the module. (e.g 'github.com/aws/constructs-go/constructs/v3`)

    property modFile

    readonly modFile: string;
    • Path to the mod file.

    property repoPath

    readonly repoPath: string;
    • The path inside the repository the module is located in. (e.g 'constructs')

    property repoURL

    readonly repoURL: string;
    • The repository URL. (e.g 'github.com/aws/constructs')

    property version

    readonly version: string;
    • The version of the module.

    interface GoRelease

    interface GoRelease {}
    • Encapsulates some information about the release.

    property commitMessage

    readonly commitMessage?: string;
    • The commit message of the release.

    property repoDir

    readonly repoDir?: string;
    • The directory where the repository was released from.

    property tags

    readonly tags?: string[];
    • The tags the release created.

    interface GoReleaserProps

    interface GoReleaserProps {}
    • Properties for GoReleaser.

    property branch

    readonly branch?: string;
    • The branch to push to.


    property dir

    readonly dir?: string;
    • The source code directory.


    property dryRun

    readonly dryRun?: boolean;
    • Execute a dry run only.


    property email

    readonly email?: string;
    • The email to use for the commit.

      - taken from git config. throws if not configured.

    property message

    readonly message?: string;
    • The message to use for the commit marking the release.

    property username

    readonly username?: string;
    • The username to use for the commit.

      - taken from git config. throws if not configured.

    property version

    readonly version?: string;
    • The version.

      - taken from the 'version'. throws if doesn't exist.

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