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npm i jsqr
yarn add jsqr
pnpm add jsqr


A pure javascript QR code reading library that takes in raw images and will locate, extract and parse any QR code found within.



function jsQR

jsQR: (
data: Uint8ClampedArray,
width: number,
height: number,
providedOptions?: Options
) => QRCode | null;


    interface Options

    interface Options {}

      property inversionAttempts

      inversionAttempts?: 'dontInvert' | 'onlyInvert' | 'attemptBoth' | 'invertFirst';

        interface QRCode

        interface QRCode {}

          property binaryData

          binaryData: number[];

            property chunks

            chunks: Chunks;

              property data

              data: string;

                property location

                location: {
                topRightCorner: Point;
                topLeftCorner: Point;
                bottomRightCorner: Point;
                bottomLeftCorner: Point;
                topRightFinderPattern: Point;
                topLeftFinderPattern: Point;
                bottomLeftFinderPattern: Point;
                bottomRightAlignmentPattern?: Point;

                  property version

                  version: number;

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