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npm i level
yarn add level
pnpm add level


Universal abstract-level database for Node.js and browsers



class Level

class Level<
KDefault = string,
VDefault = string
> extends AbstractLevel.AbstractLevel<
string | Buffer | Uint8Array,
> {}
  • Universal AbstractLevel database for Node.js and browsers.

    KDefault The default type of keys if not overridden on operations. VDefault The default type of values if not overridden on operations.


constructor(location: string, options?: any);
  • Database constructor.

    Parameter location

    Directory path (relative or absolute) where LevelDB will store its files, or in browsers, the name of the [IDBDatabase](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/IDBDatabase) to be opened.

    Parameter options

    Options, of which some will be forwarded to open.

property location

readonly location: string;
  • Location that was passed to the constructor.

method batch

batch: {
operations: Array<BatchOperation<typeof this, KDefault, VDefault>>
): Promise<void>;
(operations: any[], callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>): void;
<K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(operations: any[], options: any): Promise<void>;
<K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(
operations: any[],
options: any,
callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>
): void;
(): any;

    method del

    del: {
    (key: KDefault): Promise<void>;
    (key: KDefault, callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>): void;
    <K = KDefault>(key: K, options: any): Promise<void>;
    <K = KDefault>(
    key: K,
    options: any,
    callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>
    ): void;

      method get

      get: {
      (key: KDefault): Promise<VDefault>;
      (key: KDefault, callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<VDefault>): void;
      <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(key: K, options: any): Promise<V>;
      <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(
      key: K,
      options: any,
      callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<V>
      ): void;

        method getMany

        getMany: {
        (keys: KDefault[]): Promise<VDefault[]>;
        (keys: KDefault[], callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<VDefault[]>): void;
        <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(keys: K[], options: any): Promise<V[]>;
        <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(
        keys: K[],
        options: any,
        callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<V[]>
        ): void;

          method iterator

          iterator: {
          (): Iterator<typeof this, KDefault, VDefault>;
          <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(options: any): any;

            method keys

            keys: {
            (): KeyIterator<typeof this, KDefault>;
            <K = KDefault>(options: any): any;

              method open

              open: {
              (): Promise<void>;
              (options: any): Promise<void>;
              (callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>): void;
              (options: any, callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>): void;

                method put

                put: {
                (key: KDefault, value: VDefault): Promise<void>;
                key: KDefault,
                value: VDefault,
                callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>
                ): void;
                <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(key: K, value: V, options: any): Promise<void>;
                <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(
                key: K,
                value: V,
                options: any,
                callback: AbstractLevel.NodeCallback<void>
                ): void;

                  method values

                  values: {
                  (): ValueIterator<typeof this, KDefault, VDefault>;
                  <K = KDefault, V = VDefault>(options: any): any;

                    Type Aliases

                    type BatchOperation

                    type BatchOperation<TDatabase, K, V> = ClassicLevel.BatchOperation<TDatabase, K, V> &
                    BrowserLevel.BatchOperation<TDatabase, K, V>;

                      type BatchOptions

                      type BatchOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.BatchOptions<K, V> &
                      BrowserLevel.BatchOptions<K, V>;

                        type ChainedBatch

                        type ChainedBatch<TDatabase, K, V> = ClassicLevel.ChainedBatch<TDatabase, K, V> &
                        BrowserLevel.ChainedBatch<TDatabase, K, V>;

                          type DatabaseOptions

                          type DatabaseOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.DatabaseOptions<K, V> &
                          BrowserLevel.DatabaseOptions<K, V>;

                            type DelOptions

                            type DelOptions<K> = ClassicLevel.DelOptions<K> & BrowserLevel.DelOptions<K>;

                              type GetManyOptions

                              type GetManyOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.GetManyOptions<K, V> &
                              BrowserLevel.GetManyOptions<K, V>;

                                type GetOptions

                                type GetOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.GetOptions<K, V> &
                                BrowserLevel.GetOptions<K, V>;

                                  type Iterator

                                  type Iterator<TDatabase, K, V> = ClassicLevel.Iterator<TDatabase, K, V> &
                                  BrowserLevel.Iterator<TDatabase, K, V>;

                                    type IteratorOptions

                                    type IteratorOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.IteratorOptions<K, V> &
                                    BrowserLevel.IteratorOptions<K, V>;

                                      type KeyIterator

                                      type KeyIterator<TDatabase, K> = ClassicLevel.KeyIterator<TDatabase, K> &
                                      BrowserLevel.KeyIterator<TDatabase, K>;

                                        type KeyIteratorOptions

                                        type KeyIteratorOptions<K> = ClassicLevel.KeyIteratorOptions<K> &

                                          type OpenOptions

                                          type OpenOptions = ClassicLevel.OpenOptions & BrowserLevel.OpenOptions;

                                            type PutOptions

                                            type PutOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.PutOptions<K, V> &
                                            BrowserLevel.PutOptions<K, V>;

                                              type ValueIterator

                                              type ValueIterator<TDatabase, K, V> = ClassicLevel.ValueIterator<TDatabase, K, V> &
                                              BrowserLevel.ValueIterator<TDatabase, K, V>;

                                                type ValueIteratorOptions

                                                type ValueIteratorOptions<K, V> = ClassicLevel.ValueIteratorOptions<K, V> &
                                                BrowserLevel.ValueIteratorOptions<K, V>;

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