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npm i m3u8stream
yarn add m3u8stream
pnpm add m3u8stream


Reads segments from a m3u8 or dash playlist into a consumable stream.



variable m3u8stream

let m3u8stream: m3u8stream.m3u8streamFunc;


    interface m3u8streamFunc

    interface m3u8streamFunc {}

      method parseTimestamp

      parseTimestamp: (time: number | string) => number;

        call signature

        (playlistURL: string, options?: m3u8stream.Options): Stream;

          interface Options

          interface Options {}

            property begin

            begin?: number | string;

              property chunkReadahead

              chunkReadahead?: number;

                property highWaterMark

                highWaterMark?: number;

                  property id

                  id?: string;

                    property liveBuffer

                    liveBuffer?: number;

                      property parser

                      parser?: 'm3u8' | 'dash-mpd';

                        property requestOptions

                        requestOptions?: miniget.Options;

                          interface Progress

                          interface Progress {}

                            property duration

                            duration: number;

                              property num

                              num: number;

                                property size

                                size: number;

                                  property url

                                  url: string;

                                    interface Stream

                                    interface Stream extends PassThrough {}

                                      property end

                                      end: () => void;

                                        method on

                                        on: {
                                        event: 'progress',
                                        progress: Progress,
                                        totalSegments: number,
                                        downloadedBytes: number
                                        ): this;
                                        (event: string | symbol, listener: (...args: any) => void): this;

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