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npm i material-ui-pickers
yarn add material-ui-pickers
pnpm add material-ui-pickers


React components, that implements material design pickers for material-ui v1



variable BasePicker

const BasePicker: any;

    variable Calendar

    const Calendar: any;

      variable Clock

      const Clock: any;

        variable DatePicker

        const DatePicker: any;

          variable DateTimePicker

          const DateTimePicker: any;

            variable Day

            const Day: any;

              variable InlineDatePicker

              const InlineDatePicker: any;

                variable InlineDateTimePicker

                const InlineDateTimePicker: any;

                  variable InlineTimePicker

                  const InlineTimePicker: any;

                    variable MuiPickersContext

                    const MuiPickersContext: any;

                      variable MuiPickersContextConsumer

                      const MuiPickersContextConsumer: any;

                        variable TimePicker

                        const TimePicker: any;

                          variable TimePickerView

                          const TimePickerView: any;


                            class MuiPickersUtilsProvider

                            class MuiPickersUtilsProvider extends React.Component<MuiPickersUtilsProviderProps> {}

                              property propTypes

                              static propTypes: any;

                                property state

                                state: { utils: null };

                                  method getDerivedStateFromProps

                                  static getDerivedStateFromProps: ({
                                  utils: Utils,
                                  }: MuiPickersUtilsProviderProps) => { utils: any };

                                    method render

                                    render: () => any;

                                      Type Aliases

                                      type DatePickerInlineProps

                                      type DatePickerInlineProps = DatePickerInlineProps;

                                        type DatePickerProps

                                        type DatePickerProps = DatePickerProps;

                                          type DateTimePickerInlineProps

                                          type DateTimePickerInlineProps = DateTimePickerInlineProps;

                                            type DateTimePickerProps

                                            type DateTimePickerProps = DateTimePickerProps;

                                              type MaterialUiPickersDate

                                              type MaterialUiPickersDate = MaterialUiPickersDate;

                                                type TimePickerInlineProps

                                                type TimePickerInlineProps = TimePickerInlineProps;

                                                  type TimePickerProps

                                                  type TimePickerProps = TimePickerProps;

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