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npm i merge-anything
yarn add merge-anything
pnpm add merge-anything


Merge objects & other types recursively. A simple & small integration.



function concatArrays

concatArrays: <T>(originVal: unknown, newVal: T) => T;

    function merge

    merge: <T, Tn extends unknown[]>(object: T, ...otherObjects: Tn) => Merge<T, Tn>;
    • Merge anything recursively. Objects get merged, special objects (classes etc.) are re-assigned "as is". Basic types overwrite objects or other basic types.

    function mergeAndCompare

    mergeAndCompare: <T, Tn extends unknown[]>(
    compareFn: (prop1: unknown, prop2: unknown, propName: string | symbol) => any,
    object: T,
    ...otherObjects: Tn
    ) => Merge<T, Tn>;

      function mergeAndConcat

      mergeAndConcat: <T, Tn extends unknown[]>(
      object: T,
      ...otherObjects: Tn
      ) => Merge<T, Tn>;

        Type Aliases

        type Merge

        type Merge<T, Ts extends unknown[]> = T extends Record<
        string | number | symbol,
        ? Ts extends Record<string | number | symbol, unknown>[]
        ? PrettyPrint<Assign<T, Ts>>
        : Pop<Ts>
        : Pop<Ts>;
        • The return type of merge(). It reflects the type that is returned by JavaScript.

          This TS Utility can be used as standalone as well

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