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  • MIT license


npm i miniget
yarn add miniget
pnpm add miniget


A small HTTP(S) GET request library, with redirects and streaming.



variable defaultOptions

var defaultOptions: {
maxRedirects: number;
maxRetries: number;
maxReconnects: number;
backoff: { inc: number; max: number };

    variable MinigetError

    var MinigetError: {
    new (message: string, statusCode?: number | undefined): {
    statusCode?: number | undefined;
    name: string;
    message: string;
    stack?: string | undefined;
    targetObject: object,
    constructorOpt?: Function | undefined
    ): void;
    prepareStackTrace?: (err: Error, stackTraces: NodeJS.CallSite[]) => any;
    stackTraceLimit: number;


      function Miniget

      Miniget: typeof Miniget;


        interface DefaultOptions

        interface DefaultOptions extends Options {}

          property backoff

          backoff: {
          inc: number;
          max: number;

            property maxReconnects

            maxReconnects: number;

              property maxRedirects

              maxRedirects: number;

                property maxRetries

                maxRetries: number;

                  interface Options

                  interface Options extends RequestOptions {}

                    property acceptEncoding

                    acceptEncoding?: {
                    [key: string]: () => Transform;

                      property backoff

                      backoff?: {
                      inc: number;
                      max: number;

                        property highWaterMark

                        highWaterMark?: number;

                          property maxReconnects

                          maxReconnects?: number;

                            property maxRedirects

                            maxRedirects?: number;

                              property maxRetries

                              maxRetries?: number;

                                property transform

                                transform?: (parsedUrl: RequestOptions) => RequestOptions;

                                  interface Stream

                                  interface Stream extends PassThrough {}

                                    property abort

                                    abort: (err?: Error) => void;

                                      property aborted

                                      aborted: boolean;

                                        property destroy

                                        destroy: (err?: Error) => this;

                                          property destroyed

                                          destroyed: boolean;

                                            property text

                                            text: () => Promise<string>;

                                              method on

                                              on: {
                                              event: 'reconnect',
                                              listener: (attempt: number, err?: Miniget.MinigetError) => void
                                              ): this;
                                              (event: 'retry', listener: (attempt: number, err?: Error) => void): this;
                                              (event: 'redirect', listener: (url: string) => void): this;
                                              (event: string | symbol, listener: (...args: any) => void): this;

                                                Type Aliases

                                                type defaultOptions

                                                type defaultOptions = Miniget.Options;

                                                  type MinigetError

                                                  type MinigetError = Error;

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