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  • MIT license


npm i nav-frontend-core
yarn add nav-frontend-core
pnpm add nav-frontend-core


Variabler og andre felleselementer for NAV-frontend.



module 'nav-frontend-core' {}
    const variables: {
    navRod: string;
    navOransje: string;
    navLimeGronn: string;
    navGronn: string;
    navLilla: string;
    navDypBla: string;
    navBla: string;
    navLysBla: string;
    navMorkGra: string;
    navGra80: string;
    navGra60: string;
    navGra40: string;
    navGra20: string;
    navLysGra: string;
    navBakgrunn: string;
    navGraBakgrunn: string;
    fokusFarge: string;
    redError: string;
    white: string;
    grayBackground: string;
    grayIcon: string;
    grayModia: string;
    grayInactive: string;
    pinkErrorBg: string;
    navGronnLighten80: string;
    navGronnLighten60: string;
    navGronnLighten40: string;
    navGronnLighten20: string;
    navGronnDarken20: string;
    navGronnDarken40: string;
    navGronnDarken60: string;
    navGronnDarken80: string;
    navLimeGronnLighten80: string;
    navLimeGronnLighten60: string;
    navLimeGronnLighten40: string;
    navLimeGronnLighten20: string;
    navLimeGronnDarken20: string;
    navLimeGronnDarken40: string;
    navLimeGronnDarken60: string;
    navLimeGronnDarken80: string;
    navLysBlaLighten80: string;
    navLysBlaLighten60: string;
    navLysBlaLighten40: string;
    navLysBlaLighten20: string;
    navLysBlaDarken20: string;
    navLysBlaDarken40: string;
    navLysBlaDarken60: string;
    navLysBlaDarken80: string;
    navBlaLighten80: string;
    navBlaLighten60: string;
    navBlaLighten40: string;
    navBlaLighten20: string;
    navBlaDarken20: string;
    navBlaDarken40: string;
    navBlaDarken60: string;
    navBlaDarken80: string;
    navDypBlaLighten80: string;
    navDypBlaLighten60: string;
    navDypBlaLighten40: string;
    navDypBlaLighten20: string;
    navDypBlaDarken20: string;
    navDypBlaDarken40: string;
    navDypBlaDarken60: string;
    navDypBlaDarken80: string;
    navLillaLighten80: string;
    navLillaLighten60: string;
    navLillaLighten40: string;
    navLillaLighten20: string;
    navLillaDarken20: string;
    navLillaDarken40: string;
    navLillaDarken60: string;
    navLillaDarken80: string;
    redErrorLighten80: string;
    redErrorLighten60: string;
    redErrorLighten40: string;
    redErrorLighten20: string;
    redErrorDarken20: string;
    redErrorDarken40: string;
    redErrorDarken60: string;
    redErrorDarken80: string;
    navOransjeLighten80: string;
    navOransjeLighten60: string;
    navOransjeLighten40: string;
    navOransjeLighten20: string;
    navOransjeDarken20: string;
    navOransjeDarken40: string;
    navOransjeDarken60: string;
    navOransjeDarken80: string;
    screenSm: string;
    screenSmMin: string;
    screenTablet: string;
    screenMd: string;
    screenMdMin: string;
    screenDesktop: string;
    screenLg: string;
    screenLgMin: string;
    screenLgDesktop: string;
    screenXsMax: string;
    screenSmMax: string;
    screenMdMax: string;
    containerTablet: string;
    containerSm: string;
    containerDesktop: string;
    containerMd: string;
    containerLargeDesktop: string;
    containerLg: string;
    gridColumns: string;
    gridGutterWidth: string;
    gridFloatBreakpoint: string;
    gridFloatBreakpointMax: string;
    paddingBaseVertical: string;
    paddingBaseHorizontal: string;
    paddingLargeVertical: string;
    paddingLargeHorizontal: string;
    paddingSmallVertical: string;
    paddingSmallHorizontal: string;
    paddingXsVertical: string;
    paddingXsHorizontal: string;
    lineHeightLarge: string;
    lineHeightSmall: string;
    borderRadiusSmall: string;
    borderRadiusBase: string;
    borderRadiusLarge: string;

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