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  • MIT license


npm i ng2-ckeditor
yarn add ng2-ckeditor
pnpm add ng2-ckeditor


Angular CKEditor component



class CKEditorComponent

class CKEditorComponent implements OnChanges, AfterViewInit, OnDestroy {}
  • CKEditor component Usage : <ckeditor [(ngModel)]="data" [config]="{...}" debounce="500">


constructor(zone: any);
  • Constructor

property blur

blur: any;

    property change

    change: any;

      property config

      config: any;

        property contentDom

        contentDom: any;

          property debounce

          debounce: string;

            property debounceTimeout

            debounceTimeout: number;

              property drop

              drop: any;

                property editorChange

                editorChange: any;

                  property fileUploadRequest

                  fileUploadRequest: any;

                    property fileUploadResponse

                    fileUploadResponse: any;

                      property focus

                      focus: any;

                        property host

                        host: any;

                          property instance

                          instance: any;

                            property onChange

                            onChange: (_: string) => void;

                              property onTouched

                              onTouched: () => void;

                                property paste

                                paste: any;

                                  property readonly

                                  readonly: boolean;

                                    property ready

                                    ready: any;

                                      property toolbarButtons

                                      toolbarButtons: any;

                                        property toolbarGroups

                                        toolbarGroups: any;

                                          property value

                                          value: string;

                                            method ckeditorInit

                                            ckeditorInit: (config: any) => void;
                                            • CKEditor init

                                            method ngAfterViewChecked

                                            ngAfterViewChecked: () => void;
                                            • On component view checked

                                            method ngAfterViewInit

                                            ngAfterViewInit: () => void;
                                            • On component view init

                                            method ngOnChanges

                                            ngOnChanges: (changes: any) => void;

                                              method ngOnDestroy

                                              ngOnDestroy: () => void;
                                              • On component destroy

                                              method registerOnChange

                                              registerOnChange: (fn: () => void) => void;

                                                method registerOnTouched

                                                registerOnTouched: (fn: () => void) => void;

                                                  method updateValue

                                                  updateValue: (value: any) => void;
                                                  • Value update process

                                                  method writeValue

                                                  writeValue: (value: string) => void;
                                                  • Implements ControlValueAccessor

                                                  class CKEditorModule

                                                  class CKEditorModule {}
                                                  • CKEditorModule

                                                  class ɵa

                                                  class CKButtonDirective implements OnInit {}
                                                  • CKGroup component Usage : <ckeditor [(ngModel)]="data" [config]="{...}" debounce="500"> <ckbutton [name]="'SaveButton'" [command]="'saveCommand'" (click)="save($event)" [icon]="'/save.png'" [toolbar]="'customGroup,1'" [label]="'Save'">

                                                  property click

                                                  click: any;

                                                    property command

                                                    command: string;

                                                      property icon

                                                      icon: string;

                                                        property label

                                                        label: string;

                                                          property name

                                                          name: string;

                                                            property toolbar

                                                            toolbar: string;

                                                              method initialize

                                                              initialize: (editor: CKEditorComponent) => void;

                                                                method ngOnInit

                                                                ngOnInit: () => void;

                                                                  class ɵb

                                                                  class CKGroupDirective implements AfterContentInit {}
                                                                  • CKGroup component Usage : <ckeditor [(ngModel)]="data" [config]="{...}" debounce="500"> <ckgroup [name]="'exampleGroup2'" [previous]="'1'" [subgroupOf]="'exampleGroup1'"> . .

                                                                  property name

                                                                  name: string;

                                                                    property previous

                                                                    previous: string | number;

                                                                      property subgroupOf

                                                                      subgroupOf: string;

                                                                        property toolbarButtons

                                                                        toolbarButtons: any;

                                                                          method initialize

                                                                          initialize: (editor: CKEditorComponent) => void;

                                                                            method ngAfterContentInit

                                                                            ngAfterContentInit: () => void;

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