• Version 7.0.2
  • Published
  • 222 kB
  • 1 dependency
  • MIT license


npm i ngx-echarts
yarn add ngx-echarts
pnpm add ngx-echarts


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    class NgxEchartsDirective

    class NgxEchartsDirective implements OnChanges, OnDestroy, OnInit, AfterViewInit {}


      constructor(config: NgxEchartsConfig, el: any, ngZone: any);

        property animationFrameID

        animationFrameID: any;

          property autoResize

          autoResize: boolean;

            property chartAxisAreaSelected

            chartAxisAreaSelected: any;

              property chartBrush

              chartBrush: any;

                property chartBrushEnd

                chartBrushEnd: any;

                  property chartBrushSelected

                  chartBrushSelected: any;

                    property chartClick

                    chartClick: any;

                      property chartContextMenu

                      chartContextMenu: any;

                        property chartDataRangeSelected

                        chartDataRangeSelected: any;

                          property chartDataViewChanged

                          chartDataViewChanged: any;

                            property chartDataZoom

                            chartDataZoom: any;

                              property chartDblClick

                              chartDblClick: any;

                                property chartFinished

                                chartFinished: any;

                                  property chartFocusNodeAdjacency

                                  chartFocusNodeAdjacency: any;

                                    property chartGlobalOut

                                    chartGlobalOut: any;

                                      property chartInit

                                      chartInit: any;

                                        property chartLegendScroll

                                        chartLegendScroll: any;

                                          property chartLegendSelectChanged

                                          chartLegendSelectChanged: any;

                                            property chartLegendSelected

                                            chartLegendSelected: any;

                                              property chartLegendUnselected

                                              chartLegendUnselected: any;

                                                property chartMagicTypeChanged

                                                chartMagicTypeChanged: any;

                                                  property chartMapSelectChanged

                                                  chartMapSelectChanged: any;

                                                    property chartMapSelected

                                                    chartMapSelected: any;

                                                      property chartMapUnselected

                                                      chartMapUnselected: any;

                                                        property chartMouseDown

                                                        chartMouseDown: any;

                                                          property chartMouseMove

                                                          chartMouseMove: any;

                                                            property chartMouseOut

                                                            chartMouseOut: any;

                                                              property chartMouseOver

                                                              chartMouseOver: any;

                                                                property chartMouseUp

                                                                chartMouseUp: any;

                                                                  property chartPieSelectChanged

                                                                  chartPieSelectChanged: any;

                                                                    property chartPieSelected

                                                                    chartPieSelected: any;

                                                                      property chartPieUnselected

                                                                      chartPieUnselected: any;

                                                                        property chartRendered

                                                                        chartRendered: any;

                                                                          property chartRestore

                                                                          chartRestore: any;

                                                                            property chartTimelineChanged

                                                                            chartTimelineChanged: any;

                                                                              property chartTimelinePlayChanged

                                                                              chartTimelinePlayChanged: any;

                                                                                property chartUnfocusNodeAdjacency

                                                                                chartUnfocusNodeAdjacency: any;

                                                                                  property initOpts

                                                                                  initOpts: {
                                                                                  devicePixelRatio?: number;
                                                                                  renderer?: string;
                                                                                  width?: number | string;
                                                                                  height?: number | string;
                                                                                  locale?: string;

                                                                                    property loading

                                                                                    loading: boolean;

                                                                                      property loadingOpts

                                                                                      loadingOpts: {};

                                                                                        property loadingType

                                                                                        loadingType: string;

                                                                                          property merge

                                                                                          merge: any;

                                                                                            property options

                                                                                            options: any;

                                                                                              property optionsError

                                                                                              optionsError: any;

                                                                                                property theme

                                                                                                theme: string | ThemeOption;

                                                                                                  method ngAfterViewInit

                                                                                                  ngAfterViewInit: () => void;

                                                                                                    method ngOnChanges

                                                                                                    ngOnChanges: (changes: any) => void;

                                                                                                      method ngOnDestroy

                                                                                                      ngOnDestroy: () => void;

                                                                                                        method ngOnInit

                                                                                                        ngOnInit: () => void;

                                                                                                          method refreshChart

                                                                                                          refreshChart: () => Promise<void>;
                                                                                                          • dispose old chart and create a new one.

                                                                                                          method resize

                                                                                                          resize: () => void;
                                                                                                          • resize chart

                                                                                                          class NgxEchartsModule

                                                                                                          class NgxEchartsModule {}

                                                                                                            method forChild

                                                                                                            static forChild: () => { ngModule: typeof NgxEchartsModule };

                                                                                                              method forRoot

                                                                                                              static forRoot: (config: NgxEchartsConfig) => any;

                                                                                                                Type Aliases

                                                                                                                type ThemeOption

                                                                                                                type ThemeOption = Record<string, any>;

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