• Version 10.0.1
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  • MIT license


npm i ngx-infinite-scroll
yarn add ngx-infinite-scroll
pnpm add ngx-infinite-scroll


An infinite scroll directive for Angular



class InfiniteScrollDirective

class InfiniteScrollDirective implements OnDestroy, OnChanges, AfterViewInit {}


    constructor(element: ElementRef, zone: NgZone);

      property alwaysCallback

      alwaysCallback: boolean;

        property fromRoot

        fromRoot: boolean;

          property horizontal

          horizontal: boolean;

            property immediateCheck

            immediateCheck: boolean;

              property infiniteScrollContainer

              infiniteScrollContainer: any;

                property infiniteScrollDisabled

                infiniteScrollDisabled: boolean;

                  property infiniteScrollDistance

                  infiniteScrollDistance: number;

                    property infiniteScrollThrottle

                    infiniteScrollThrottle: number;

                      property infiniteScrollUpDistance

                      infiniteScrollUpDistance: number;

                        property scrolled

                        scrolled: EventEmitter<IInfiniteScrollEvent>;

                          property scrolledUp

                          scrolledUp: EventEmitter<IInfiniteScrollEvent>;

                            property scrollWindow

                            scrollWindow: boolean;

                              method destroyScroller

                              destroyScroller: () => void;

                                method handleOnScroll

                                handleOnScroll: ({ type, payload }: IInfiniteScrollAction) => void;

                                  method ngAfterViewInit

                                  ngAfterViewInit: () => void;

                                    method ngOnChanges

                                    ngOnChanges: ({
                                    }: SimpleChanges) => void;

                                      method ngOnDestroy

                                      ngOnDestroy: () => void;

                                        method setup

                                        setup: () => void;

                                          class InfiniteScrollModule

                                          class InfiniteScrollModule {}


                                            interface IInfiniteScrollEvent

                                            interface IInfiniteScrollEvent {}

                                              property currentScrollPosition

                                              currentScrollPosition: number;

                                                interface IPositionElements

                                                interface IPositionElements {}

                                                  property axis

                                                  axis: any;

                                                    property windowElement

                                                    windowElement: ContainerRef;

                                                      interface IPositionStats

                                                      interface IPositionStats {}

                                                        property height

                                                        height: number;

                                                          property isWindow

                                                          isWindow?: boolean;

                                                            property scrolled

                                                            scrolled: number;

                                                              property totalToScroll

                                                              totalToScroll: number;

                                                                interface IResolver

                                                                interface IResolver {}

                                                                  property axis

                                                                  axis: any;

                                                                    property container

                                                                    container: ContainerRef;

                                                                      property isWindow

                                                                      isWindow: boolean;

                                                                        Type Aliases

                                                                        type ContainerRef

                                                                        type ContainerRef = Window | ElementRef | any;

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