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npm i node-nats-streaming
yarn add node-nats-streaming
pnpm add node-nats-streaming


Node.js client for NATS Streaming, a lightweight, high-performance cloud native messaging system



variable version

const version: string;


    function connect

    connect: (clusterID: string, clientID: string, opts?: StanOptions) => Stan;
    • Connect to a nats-server and return the client. Argument can be a url, or an object with a 'url' property and additional options.


    class Message

    class Message {}

      method ack

      ack: () => void;
      • Acks the message, note this method shouldn't be called unless the manualAcks option was set on the subscription.

      method getCrc32

      getCrc32: () => number;
      • Returns an optional IEEE CRC32 checksum

      method getData

      getData: () => String | Buffer;
      • Returns the data associated with the message payload. If the stanEncoding is not set to 'binary', a string is returned.

      method getRawData

      getRawData: () => Buffer;
      • Returns a Buffer with the raw message payload

      method getSequence

      getSequence: () => number;
      • Returns the sequence number of the message in the stream.

      method getSubject

      getSubject: () => string;
      • Returns the subject associated with this Message

      method getTimestamp

      getTimestamp: () => Date;
      • Returns a Date object representing the timestamp of the message. This is an approximation of the timestamp.

      method getTimestampRaw

      getTimestampRaw: () => number;
      • Returns the raw timestamp set on the message. This number is not a valid time in JavaScript.

      method isRedelivered

      isRedelivered: () => boolean;
      • Returns a boolean indicating if the message is being redelivered

      class Stan

      class Stan extends events.EventEmitter {}

        method close

        close: () => void;
        • Close the connection to the server.

        method publish

        publish: (
        subject: string,
        data?: Uint8Array | string | Buffer,
        callback?: AckHandlerCallback
        ) => string;
        • Publishes a message to the streaming server with the specified subject and data.

          Parameter subject

          Parameter data

          Parameter callback


          guid generated for the published message

        method subscribe

        subscribe: {
        (subject: string, opts?: SubscriptionOptions): Subscription;
        (subject: string, qGroup: string, opts?: SubscriptionOptions): Subscription;
        • Subscribes to a given subject as an optional member of a queue group.

          Parameter subject

          Parameter qGroup

          Parameter opts

        method subscriptionOptions

        subscriptionOptions: () => SubscriptionOptions;
        • Returns a SubscriptionOptions initialized to defaults

        class Subscription

        class Subscription extends events.EventEmitter {}

          method close

          close: () => void;
          • Close removes the subscriber from the server, but unlike the Subscription#unsubscribe(), the durable interest is not removed. If the client has connected to a server for which this feature is not available, Subscription#Close() will emit a Subscription#error(NO_SERVER_SUPPORT) error. Note that this affects durable clients only. If called on a non-durable subscriber, this is equivalent to Subscription#close()

          method isClosed

          isClosed: () => boolean;
          • Returns true if the subscription has been closed or unsubscribed from.

          method unsubscribe

          unsubscribe: () => void;
          • Unregisters the subscription from the streaming server.


          interface AckHandlerCallback

          interface AckHandlerCallback {}
          • Callback informs the client that the message was processed by the server

            Parameter err

            undefined if there is no error processing the message

            Parameter guid

            the guid correlating the message with the callback invocation.

          call signature

          (err: Error | undefined, guid: string): void;

            interface ClientOpts

            interface ClientOpts {}

              property encoding

              encoding?: BufferEncoding;

                property maxPingOut

                maxPingOut?: number;

                  property maxReconnectAttempts

                  maxReconnectAttempts?: number;

                    property name

                    name?: string;

                      property nkey

                      nkey?: string;

                        property nonceSigner

                        nonceSigner?: Function;

                          property noRandomize

                          noRandomize?: boolean;

                            property pass

                            pass?: string;

                              property pedantic

                              pedantic?: boolean;

                                property pingInterval

                                pingInterval?: number;

                                  property reconnect

                                  reconnect?: boolean;

                                    property reconnectTimeWait

                                    reconnectTimeWait?: number;

                                      property servers

                                      servers?: Array<string>;

                                        property tls

                                        tls?: boolean | tls.TlsOptions;

                                          property token

                                          token?: string;

                                            property tokenHandler

                                            tokenHandler?: Function;

                                              property url

                                              url?: string;

                                                property useOldRequestStyle

                                                useOldRequestStyle?: boolean;

                                                  property user

                                                  user?: string;

                                                    property userCreds

                                                    userCreds?: string;

                                                      property userJWT

                                                      userJWT?: string | Function;

                                                        property verbose

                                                        verbose?: boolean;

                                                          property waitOnFirstConnect

                                                          waitOnFirstConnect?: boolean;

                                                            property yieldTime

                                                            yieldTime?: number;

                                                              interface StanOptions

                                                              interface StanOptions extends ClientOpts {}

                                                                property ackTimeout

                                                                ackTimeout?: number;

                                                                  property connectTimeout

                                                                  connectTimeout?: number;

                                                                    property discoverPrefix

                                                                    discoverPrefix?: string;

                                                                      property maxPubAcksInflight

                                                                      maxPubAcksInflight?: number;

                                                                        property nc

                                                                        nc?: nats.Client;

                                                                          property stanEncoding

                                                                          stanEncoding?: string;

                                                                            property stanMaxPingOut

                                                                            stanMaxPingOut?: number;

                                                                              property stanPingInterval

                                                                              stanPingInterval?: number;

                                                                                property url

                                                                                url?: string;

                                                                                  interface SubscriptionOptions

                                                                                  interface SubscriptionOptions {}

                                                                                    property ackWait

                                                                                    ackWait?: number;

                                                                                      property durableName

                                                                                      durableName?: string;

                                                                                        property manualAcks

                                                                                        manualAcks?: boolean;

                                                                                          property maxInFlight

                                                                                          maxInFlight?: number;

                                                                                            property startPosition

                                                                                            startPosition: StartPosition;

                                                                                              property startSequence

                                                                                              startSequence?: number;

                                                                                                property startTime

                                                                                                startTime?: number;

                                                                                                  method setAckWait

                                                                                                  setAckWait: (millis: number) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Sets the number of milliseconds before a message is considered unacknowledged by the streaming server.

                                                                                                  method setDeliverAllAvailable

                                                                                                  setDeliverAllAvailable: () => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to replay from first available message.

                                                                                                  method setDurableName

                                                                                                  setDurableName: (durableName: string) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Sets a durable subscription name that the client can specify for the subscription. This enables the subscriber to close the connection without canceling the subscription and resume the subscription with same durable name. Note the server will resume the subscription with messages that have not been acknowledged.

                                                                                                    Parameter durableName

                                                                                                  method setManualAckMode

                                                                                                  setManualAckMode: (tf: boolean) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to require manual acknowledgement of messages using Message#acknowledge.

                                                                                                    Parameter tf

                                                                                                    true if manual acknowlegement is required.

                                                                                                  method setMaxInFlight

                                                                                                  setMaxInFlight: (n: number) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Sets the maximun number of unacknowledged messages that the streaming server will allow before it sends a message.

                                                                                                    Parameter n

                                                                                                  method setStartAt

                                                                                                  setStartAt: (startPosition: StartPosition) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription start mode. Typically you would invoke this message with StartPostion#FIRST, StartPosition#NEW_ONLY or StartPosition#LAST_RECEIVED. For all other uses (SubscriptionOptions#setStartSequence, SubscriptionOptions#setStartTime, SubscriptionOptions#setStartAtTimeDelta, or SubscriptionOptions#setStartWithLastReceived), the method will configure the startup value and position.

                                                                                                    Parameter startPosition

                                                                                                  method setStartAtSequence

                                                                                                  setStartAtSequence: (sequence: number) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to start with the message having the specified sequence number.

                                                                                                    Parameter sequence

                                                                                                  method setStartAtTimeDelta

                                                                                                  setStartAtTimeDelta: (millis: number) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to replay messages sent milliseconds ago.

                                                                                                    Parameter millis

                                                                                                    the number of milliseconds ago to use as the start time

                                                                                                  method setStartTime

                                                                                                  setStartTime: (date: Date) => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to start with messages sent at the specified date.

                                                                                                    Parameter date

                                                                                                  method setStartWithLastReceived

                                                                                                  setStartWithLastReceived: () => SubscriptionOptions;
                                                                                                  • Configures the subscription to replay with the last received message.


                                                                                                  enum StartPosition

                                                                                                  enum StartPosition {
                                                                                                  NEW_ONLY = 0,

                                                                                                    member FIRST


                                                                                                      member LAST_RECEIVED


                                                                                                        member NEW_ONLY

                                                                                                        NEW_ONLY = 0

                                                                                                          member SEQUENCE_START


                                                                                                            member TIME_DELTA_START


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