• Version 3.5.2
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  • 8 dependencies
  • MIT license


npm i pkg-fetch
yarn add pkg-fetch
pnpm add pkg-fetch


Compiles and stores base binaries for pkg



function getNodeVersion

getNodeVersion: (nodeRange: string) => string;

    function need

    need: (opts: NeedOptions) => Promise<string>;

      function satisfyingNodeVersion

      satisfyingNodeVersion: (nodeRange: string) => string;


        namespace system

        module 'lib-es5/system.d.ts' {}

          variable hostAbi

          const hostAbi: string;

            variable hostArch

            const hostArch: string;

              variable hostPlatform

              const hostPlatform: string;

                variable knownArchs

                const knownArchs: string[];

                  variable knownPlatforms

                  const knownPlatforms: string[];

                    variable targetArchs

                    const targetArchs: string[];

                      function abiToNodeRange

                      abiToNodeRange: (abi: string) => string;

                        function isValidNodeRange

                        isValidNodeRange: (nodeRange: string) => boolean;

                          function toFancyArch

                          toFancyArch: (arch: string) => string;

                            function toFancyPlatform

                            toFancyPlatform: (platform: string) => string;

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