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npm i polymer-project-config
yarn add polymer-project-config
pnpm add polymer-project-config


reads, validates, and shapes your polymer.json project configuration



variable defaultSourceGlobs

const defaultSourceGlobs: string[];
  • The default globs for matching all user application source files.


function applyBuildPreset

applyBuildPreset: (config: ProjectBuildOptions) => ProjectBuildOptions;
  • Apply a build preset (if a valid one exists on the config object) by deep merging the given config with the preset values.


class ProjectConfig

class ProjectConfig {}


    constructor(options: ProjectOptions);
    • constructor - given a ProjectOptions object, create the correct project configuration for those options. This involves setting the correct defaults, validating options, warning on deprecated options, and calculating some additional properties.

    property allFragments

    readonly allFragments: string[];

      property autoBasePath

      readonly autoBasePath: boolean;

        property builds

        readonly builds: ProjectBuildOptions[];

          property componentDir

          readonly componentDir?: string;

            property entrypoint

            readonly entrypoint: string;

              property extraDependencies

              readonly extraDependencies: string[];

                property fragments

                readonly fragments: string[];

                  property lint

                  readonly lint: LintOptions;

                    property moduleResolution

                    readonly moduleResolution: ModuleResolutionStrategy;

                      property npm

                      readonly npm?: boolean;

                        property root

                        readonly root: string;

                          property shell

                          readonly shell?: string;

                            property sources

                            readonly sources: string[];

                              method initializeAnalyzer

                              initializeAnalyzer: () => Promise<{
                              urlLoader: FsUrlLoader;
                              urlResolver: PackageUrlResolver;
                              analyzer: Analyzer;
                              warningFilter: WarningFilter;
                              • Get an analyzer (and other related objects) with configuration determined by this ProjectConfig.

                              method initializeAnalyzerFromDirectory

                              static initializeAnalyzerFromDirectory: (
                              dirname: string
                              ) => Promise<{
                              urlLoader: FsUrlLoader;
                              urlResolver: PackageUrlResolver;
                              analyzer: Analyzer;
                              warningFilter: WarningFilter;
                              • Given a project directory, return an Analyzer (and related objects) with configuration inferred from polymer.json (and possibly other config files that we find and interpret).

                              method isFragment

                              isFragment: (filepath: string) => boolean;

                                method isShell

                                isShell: (filepath: string) => boolean;

                                  method isSource

                                  isSource: (filepath: string) => boolean;

                                    method loadConfigFromFile

                                    static loadConfigFromFile: (filepath: string) => ProjectConfig | null;
                                    • Given an absolute file path to a polymer.json-like ProjectOptions object, return a new ProjectConfig instance created with those options.

                                    method loadOptionsFromFile

                                    static loadOptionsFromFile: (filepath: string) => ProjectOptions | null;
                                    • Given an absolute file path to a polymer.json-like ProjectOptions object, read that file. If no file exists, null is returned. If the file exists but there is a problem reading or parsing it, throw an exception.

                                      TODO: in the next major version we should make this method and the one below async.

                                    method toJSON

                                    toJSON: () => string;
                                    • Generate a JSON string serialization of this configuration. File paths will be relative to root.

                                    method validate

                                    validate: () => boolean;
                                    • Validates that a configuration is accurate, and that all paths are contained within the project root.

                                    method validateAndCreate

                                    static validateAndCreate: (configJsonObject: {}) => ProjectConfig;
                                    • Returns a new ProjectConfig from the given JSON object if it's valid.

                                      TODO(rictic): For the next major version we should mark the constructor private, or perhaps make it validating. Also, we should standardize the naming scheme across the static methods on this class.

                                      Throws if the given JSON object is an invalid ProjectOptions.

                                    method validateOptions

                                    static validateOptions: (configJsonObject: {}) => ProjectOptions;
                                    • Returns the given configJsonObject if it is a valid ProjectOptions object, otherwise throws an informative error message.


                                    interface LintOptions

                                    interface LintOptions {}

                                      property filesToIgnore

                                      filesToIgnore?: string[];
                                      • An array of file globs to never report warnings for.

                                        The globs follow [minimatch] syntax, and any file that matches any of the listed globs will never show any linter warnings. This will typically not have a performance benefit, as the file will usually still need to be analyzed.

                                        [minimatch]: https://github.com/isaacs/minimatch

                                      property ignoreWarnings

                                      ignoreWarnings?: string[];
                                      • Deprecated way of spelling the warningsToIgnore lint option.

                                        Used only if warningsToIgnore is not specified.

                                      property rules

                                      rules: string[];
                                      • The lint rules to run. Can be the code of a collection of rules like "polymer-2" or an individual rule like "dom-module-invalid-attrs".

                                      property warningsToIgnore

                                      warningsToIgnore?: string[];
                                      • Warnings to ignore. After the rules are run, any warning that matches one of these codes is ignored, project-wide.

                                      interface ProjectBuildOptions

                                      interface ProjectBuildOptions {}

                                        property addPushManifest

                                        addPushManifest?: boolean;
                                        • If true, generate an [HTTP/2 Push Manifest](https://github.com/GoogleChrome/http2-push-manifest) for your application.

                                        property addServiceWorker

                                        addServiceWorker?: boolean;
                                        • Generate a service worker for your application to cache all files and assets on the client.

                                          Polymer CLI will generate a service worker for your build using the [sw-precache library](https://github.com/GoogleChrome/sw-precache). To customize your service worker, create a sw-precache-config.js file in your project directory that exports your configuration. See the [sw-precache README](https://github.com/GoogleChrome/sw-precache) for a list of all supported options.

                                          Note that the sw-precache library uses a cache-first strategy for maximum speed and makes some other assumptions about how your service worker should behave. Read the "Considerations" section of the sw-precache README to make sure that this is suitable for your application.

                                        property basePath

                                        basePath?: boolean | string;
                                        • Update the entrypoint's <base> tag, to support serving this build from a non-root path, such as when doing differential serving based on user agent. Requires that a <base> tag already exists. This works well in conjunction with the convention of using relative URLs for static resources and absolute URLs for application routes.

                                          If true, use the build name. If a string, use that value. Leading/trailing slashes are optional.

                                        property browserCapabilities

                                        browserCapabilities?: BrowserCapability[];
                                        • Capabilities required for a browser to consume this build. Values include es2015 and push. See canonical list at: https://github.com/Polymer/prpl-server-node/blob/master/src/capabilities.ts

                                          This field is purely a hint to servers reading this configuration, and does not affect the build process. A server supporting differential serving (e.g. prpl-server) can use this field to help decide which build to serve to a given user agent.

                                        property bundle

                                        | boolean
                                        | {
                                        /** URLs of files and/or folders that should not be inlined. */
                                        excludes?: string[];
                                        /** Inline external CSS file contents into <style> tags. */
                                        inlineCss?: boolean;
                                        /** Inline external Javascript file contents into <script> tags. */
                                        inlineScripts?: boolean;
                                        /** Rewrite element attributes inside of templates when inlining html. */
                                        rewriteUrlsInTemplates?: boolean;
                                        /** Create identity source maps for inline scripts. */
                                        sourcemaps?: boolean;
                                        * Remove all comments except those tagged '@license', or starting with
                                        * `<!--!` or `<!--#`, when true.
                                        stripComments?: boolean;
                                        /** Remove unreachable/unused code when bundling. */
                                        treeshake?: boolean;
                                        • By default, fragments are unbundled. This is optimal for HTTP/2-compatible servers and clients.

                                          If the --bundle flag is supplied, all fragments are bundled together to reduce the number of file requests. This is optimal for sending to clients or serving from servers that are not HTTP/2 compatible.

                                        property css

                                        css?: {
                                        /** Minify inlined and external CSS. */
                                        | boolean
                                        | {
                                        /** CSS files listed here will not be minified. */
                                        exclude?: string[];
                                        • Options for processing CSS.

                                        property html

                                        html?: {
                                        /** Minify HTMl by removing comments and whitespace. */
                                        | boolean
                                        | {
                                        /** HTML files listed here will not be minified. */
                                        exclude?: string[];
                                        • Options for processing HTML.

                                        insertPrefetchLinks?: boolean;
                                        • Insert prefetch link elements into your fragments so that all dependencies are prefetched immediately. Add dependency prefetching by inserting ` tags into entrypoint and ` tags into fragments and shell for all dependencies.

                                          Note this option may trigger duplicate requests. See https://github.com/Polymer/polymer-build/issues/239 for details.

                                        property js

                                        js?: {
                                        /** Minify inlined and external JavaScript. */
                                        | boolean
                                        | {
                                        /** JavaScript files listed here will not be minified. */
                                        exclude?: string[];
                                        /** Use babel to compile all ES6 JS down to ES5 for older browsers. */
                                        | boolean
                                        | JsCompileTarget
                                        | {
                                        target?: JsCompileTarget;
                                        /** JavaScript files listed here will not be compiled. */
                                        exclude?: string[];
                                        /** Transform ES modules to AMD modules. */
                                        transformModulesToAmd?: boolean;
                                        • Options for processing JavaScript.

                                        property name

                                        name?: string;
                                        • The name of this build, used to determine the output directory name.

                                        property preset

                                        preset?: string;
                                        • A build preset for this build. A build can inherit some base configuration from a named preset.

                                        property swPrecacheConfig

                                        swPrecacheConfig?: string;
                                        • A config file that's passed to the [sw-precache library](https://github.com/GoogleChrome/sw-precache). See [its README](https://github.com/GoogleChrome/sw-precache) for details of the format of this file.

                                          Ignored if addServiceWorker is not true.

                                          Defaults to "sw-precache-config.js.

                                        interface ProjectOptions

                                        interface ProjectOptions {}

                                          property autoBasePath

                                          autoBasePath?: boolean;
                                          • Set basePath: true on all builds. See that option for more details.

                                          property builds

                                          builds?: ProjectBuildOptions[];
                                          • List of build option configurations.

                                          property componentDir

                                          componentDir?: string;
                                          • The directory containing this project's dependencies.

                                          property entrypoint

                                          entrypoint?: string;
                                          • The path relative to root of the entrypoint file that will be served for app-shell style projects. Usually this is index.html.

                                          property extraDependencies

                                          extraDependencies?: string[];
                                          • List of file paths, relative to the project directory, that should be included as extraDependencies in the build target.

                                          property fragments

                                          fragments?: string[];
                                          • The path relative to root of the lazily loaded fragments. Usually the pages of an app or other bundles of on-demand resources.

                                          property lint

                                          lint?: LintOptions;
                                          • Options for the Polymer Linter.

                                          property moduleResolution

                                          moduleResolution?: ModuleResolutionStrategy;
                                          • Algorithm to use for resolving module specifiers in import and export statements when rewriting them to be web-compatible. Valid values are:

                                            "none": Disable module specifier rewriting. This is the default. "node": Use Node.js resolution to find modules.

                                          property npm

                                          npm?: boolean;
                                          • Sets other options' defaults to NPM-appropriate values:

                                            - 'componentDir': 'node_modules/'

                                          property root

                                          root?: string;
                                          • Path to the root of the project on the filesystem. This can be an absolute path, or a path relative to the current working directory. Defaults to the current working directory of the process.

                                          property shell

                                          shell?: string;
                                          • The path relative to root of the app shell element.

                                          property sources

                                          sources?: string[];
                                          • List of glob patterns, relative to root, of this project's sources to read from the file system.

                                          Type Aliases

                                          type JsCompileTarget

                                          type JsCompileTarget = 'es5' | 'es2015' | 'es2016' | 'es2017' | 'es2018';

                                            type ModuleResolutionStrategy

                                            type ModuleResolutionStrategy = 'none' | 'node';


                                              namespace minimatch-all

                                              module 'minimatch-all' {}

                                                function minimatchAll

                                                minimatchAll: (filePath: string, globs: string[]) => boolean;

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