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npm i polyserve
yarn add polyserve
pnpm add polyserve


A simple dev server for bower components



variable args

const args: ArgDescriptor[];


    function getServerUrls

    getServerUrls: (
    options: ServerOptions,
    server: http.Server
    ) => { serverUrl: url.Url; componentUrl: url.Url };
    • Gets the URLs for the main and component pages

      Parameter options


      {{serverUrl: {protocol: string, hostname: string, port: string}, componentUrl: url.Url}}

    function makeApp

    makeApp: (options: AppOptions) => PolyserveApplication;
    • Make a polyserve express app.

      Parameter options


      {string} options.componentDir The directory to serve components from.


      {string} options.packageName A name for this polyserve package.


      {Object} options.headers An object keyed by header name containing header values.


      {string} options.root The root directory to serve a package from {Object} An express app which can be served with app.get

    function startServer

    startServer: (
    options: ServerOptions,
    appMapper?: ExpressAppMapper
    ) => Promise<http.Server>;
    • Parameter options

      used to configure the generated polyserve app and server.

      Parameter appMapper

      optional mapper function which is called with the generated polyserve app and the options used to generate it and returns an optional substitution Express app. This is usually one that mounts the original app, to add routes or middleware in advance of polyserve's catch-all routes. {Promise} A Promise that completes when the server has started.


      Please use startServers instead. This function will be removed in a future release.

    function startServers

    startServers: (
    options: ServerOptions,
    appMapper?: ExpressAppMapper
    ) => Promise<StartServerResult>;
    • Starts one or more web servers, based on the given options and variant bower_components directories that are found in the root dir.


    interface ControlServer

    interface ControlServer extends PolyserveServer {}
    • If more than one server is started by startServers, the main port will serve out a control server. This server serves out an HTML interface that describes the other servers which have been started, and provides convenience links to them.

    property kind

    kind: 'control';

      interface MainlineServer

      interface MainlineServer extends PolyserveServer {}
      • The default or primary server. If only one ServerInfo is returned from startServers it must be a MainlineServer. This is the server that's running with the default configuration and not running a variant configuration.

      property kind

      kind: 'mainline';

        interface PolyserveServer

        interface PolyserveServer {}

          property app

          app: express.Application;

            property kind

            kind: 'control' | 'mainline' | 'variant';

              property options

              options: ServerOptions;

                property server

                server: http.Server;

                  interface ServerOptions

                  interface ServerOptions {}

                    property additionalRoutes

                    additionalRoutes?: Map<string, express.RequestHandler>;
                    • An optional list of routes & route handlers to attach to the polyserve app, to be handled before all others

                    property allowOrigin

                    allowOrigin?: string;
                    • Sets the value of the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header

                    property browser

                    browser?: string[];
                    • The browser(s) to open when run with open argument *

                    property certPath

                    certPath?: string;
                    • Path to TLS certificate for HTTPS

                    property compile

                    compile?: 'always' | 'never' | 'auto';
                    • Whether or not to compile JavaScript *

                    property componentDir

                    componentDir?: string;
                    • The component directory to use *

                    property componentUrl

                    componentUrl?: string;
                    • The component url to serve *

                    property entrypoint

                    entrypoint?: string;
                    • The path on disk of the entry point HTML file that will be served for app-shell style projects. Must be contained by root. Defaults to index.html.

                    property headers

                    headers?: {
                    [name: string]: string;
                    • Headers to send with every response

                    property hostname

                    hostname?: string;
                    • The hostname to serve from

                    property keyPath

                    keyPath?: string;
                    • Path to TLS service key for HTTPS

                    property moduleResolution

                    moduleResolution?: 'none' | 'node';
                    • Resolution algorithm to use for rewriting module specifiers

                    property npm

                    npm?: boolean;
                    • Sets npm mode: component directory is 'node_modules' and the package name is read from package.json.

                    property open

                    open?: boolean;
                    • Whether to open the browser when run *

                    property openPath

                    openPath?: string;
                    • The URL path to open in each browser *

                    property packageName

                    packageName?: string;
                    • The package name to use for the root directory *

                    property port

                    port?: number;
                    • The port to serve from

                    property protocol

                    protocol?: string;
                    • The HTTP protocol to use

                    property proxy

                    proxy?: {
                    path: string;
                    target: string;
                    • Proxy to redirect for all matching path to target

                    property pushManifestPath

                    pushManifestPath?: string;
                    • Path to H2 push-manifest file

                    property root

                    root?: string;
                    • The root directory to serve *

                    interface VariantServer

                    interface VariantServer extends PolyserveServer {}
                    • These are servers which are running some named variant configuration. For multiple variant dependency directories are detected/configured, there will be one MainlineServer that serves out the default dependency directory, and one VariantServer for each other dependency directory.

                    property dependencyDir

                    dependencyDir: string;

                      property kind

                      kind: 'variant';

                        property variantName

                        variantName: string;

                          Type Aliases

                          type ServerInfo

                          type ServerInfo = MainlineServer | VariantServer | ControlServer;


                            namespace bower-config

                            module 'bower-config' {}

                              namespace command-line-args

                              module 'command-line-args' {}

                                function commandLineArgs

                                commandLineArgs: (
                                descriptors: commandLineArgs.ArgDescriptor[],
                                args?: string[]
                                ) => any;
                                • Parameter descriptors

                                  An array of objects that describe the arguments that we want to parse.

                                  Parameter args

                                  Optional arguments to parse. If not given, process.argv is used.

                                interface ArgDescriptor

                                interface ArgDescriptor {}

                                  property alias

                                  alias?: string;

                                    property defaultOption

                                    defaultOption?: boolean;

                                      property defaultValue

                                      defaultValue?: any;

                                        property description

                                        description?: string;

                                          property group

                                          group?: string;

                                            property multiple

                                            multiple?: boolean;

                                              property name

                                              name: string;

                                                property type

                                                type?: Object;

                                                  namespace command-line-usage

                                                  module 'command-line-usage' {}

                                                    function commandLineUsage

                                                    commandLineUsage: (args: commandLineUsage.Section[]) => any;

                                                      interface ArgDescriptor

                                                      interface ArgDescriptor {}

                                                        property alias

                                                        alias?: string;

                                                          property defaultOption

                                                          defaultOption?: boolean;

                                                            property defaultValue

                                                            defaultValue?: any;

                                                              property description

                                                              description?: string;

                                                                property multiple

                                                                multiple?: boolean;

                                                                  property name

                                                                  name: string;

                                                                    property type

                                                                    type?: Object;

                                                                      interface Section

                                                                      interface Section {}

                                                                        property content

                                                                        content?: string;

                                                                          property header

                                                                          header?: string;

                                                                            property optionList

                                                                            optionList?: ArgDescriptor[];

                                                                              property title

                                                                              title?: string;

                                                                                namespace find-port

                                                                                module 'find-port' {}

                                                                                  function findPort

                                                                                  findPort: (
                                                                                  lower: number,
                                                                                  upper: number,
                                                                                  callback: (ports: number[]) => void
                                                                                  ) => void;

                                                                                    namespace http-proxy

                                                                                    module 'http-proxy' {}

                                                                                      interface ProxyError

                                                                                      interface ProxyError extends Error {}

                                                                                        property message

                                                                                        message: string;

                                                                                          property status

                                                                                          status: number;

                                                                                            namespace intercept-stdout

                                                                                            module 'intercept-stdout' {}

                                                                                              function intercept

                                                                                              intercept: (onIntercept: (txt: string) => void) => () => void;

                                                                                                namespace send

                                                                                                module 'send' {}

                                                                                                  variable send

                                                                                                  var send: Send;

                                                                                                    interface SendError

                                                                                                    interface SendError extends Error {}

                                                                                                      property status

                                                                                                      status: number;

                                                                                                        interface SendOptions

                                                                                                        interface SendOptions {}

                                                                                                          property cacheControl

                                                                                                          cacheControl?: boolean;

                                                                                                            property dotfiles

                                                                                                            dotfiles?: string;

                                                                                                              property end

                                                                                                              end?: number;

                                                                                                                property etag

                                                                                                                etag?: boolean;

                                                                                                                  property extensions

                                                                                                                  extensions?: boolean | Array<string>;

                                                                                                                    property hidden

                                                                                                                    hidden?: boolean;

                                                                                                                      property index

                                                                                                                      index?: boolean | string;

                                                                                                                        property lastModified

                                                                                                                        lastModified?: boolean;

                                                                                                                          property maxAge

                                                                                                                          maxAge?: number | string;

                                                                                                                            property root

                                                                                                                            root?: string;

                                                                                                                              property start

                                                                                                                              start?: number;

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