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  • MIT license


npm i postcss-load-config
yarn add postcss-load-config
pnpm add postcss-load-config


Autoload Config for PostCSS



function postcssrc

postcssrc: typeof postcssrc;

    function sync

    sync: (ctx?: ConfigContext, path?: string, options?: any) => Result;


      interface Config

      interface Config {}

        property from

        from?: string;

          property map

          map?: string | false;

            property parser

            parser?: string | ProcessOptions['parser'] | false;

              property plugins

              plugins?: Array<ConfigPlugin | false> | Record<string, object | false>;

                property stringifier

                stringifier?: string | ProcessOptions['stringifier'] | false;

                  property syntax

                  syntax?: string | ProcessOptions['syntax'] | false;

                    property to

                    to?: string;

                      interface Context

                      interface Context {}

                        property cwd

                        cwd?: string;

                          property env

                          env?: string;

                            interface ProcessOptionsPreload

                            interface ProcessOptionsPreload {}

                              property parser

                              parser?: string | ProcessOptions['parser'];

                                property stringifier

                                stringifier?: string | ProcessOptions['stringifier'];

                                  property syntax

                                  syntax?: string | ProcessOptions['syntax'];

                                    interface Result

                                    interface Result {}

                                      property file

                                      file: string;

                                        property options

                                        options: ProcessOptions;

                                          property plugins

                                          plugins: ResultPlugin[];

                                            Type Aliases

                                            type ConfigContext

                                            type ConfigContext = Context & ProcessOptionsPreload & RemainingProcessOptions;

                                              type ConfigFn

                                              type ConfigFn = (ctx: ConfigContext) => Config | Promise<Config>;

                                                type ConfigPlugin

                                                type ConfigPlugin = Transformer | Plugin | Processor;

                                                  type RemainingProcessOptions

                                                  type RemainingProcessOptions = Pick<
                                                  Exclude<keyof ProcessOptions, keyof ProcessOptionsPreload>

                                                    type ResultPlugin

                                                    type ResultPlugin = Plugin | Transformer | Processor;

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