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  • CC0-1.0 license


npm i postcss-normalize
yarn add postcss-normalize
pnpm add postcss-normalize


Use the parts of normalize.css or sanitize.css you need from your browserslist



Type Aliases


variable plugin

const plugin: Plugin;

    Type Aliases

    type Plugin

    type Plugin = {
    (pluginOptions?: PluginOptions): {
    postcssPlugin: 'postcss-normalize';
    Once(root: PostCSS.Root): void;
    postcssImport: {
    load(filename: string, importOptions: any): {};
    resolve(id: string, basedir: string, importOptions: any): {};
    postcss: true;

      type PluginOptions

      type PluginOptions = {
      /** Determines whether multiple, duplicate insertions are allowed */
      allowDuplicates?: boolean;
      /** Defines an override of the project’s browserslist for this plugin. */
      browsers?: string;
      /** Defines whether imports from this plugin will always be inserted at the beginning of a CSS file. */
      forceImport?: boolean;

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