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npm i projectz
yarn add projectz
pnpm add projectz


Stop wasting time syncing and updating your project's README and Package Files!



class Projectz

class Projectz {}


    constructor(opts: Options);

      property cwd

      protected readonly cwd: string;
      • the current working directory (the path) that projectz is working on

      property dataForPackageFiles

      protected readonly dataForPackageFiles: DataForPackageFiles;
      • the data for each of our package files

      property dataForReadmeFiles

      protected readonly dataForReadmeFiles: DataForReadmeFiles;
      • the data for each of our readme files

      property filenamesForPackageFiles

      protected readonly filenamesForPackageFiles: FilenamesForPackageFiles;
      • The absolute paths for all the package files. Should be arranged in the order of merging preference.

      property filenamesForReadmeFiles

      protected readonly filenamesForReadmeFiles: FilenamesForReadmeFiles;
      • the absolute paths for all the meta files

      property log

      protected readonly log: Function;
      • our log function to use (logLevel, ...messages)

      method compile

      compile: () => Promise<void>;
      • Compile the project

      method enhancePackagesData

      protected enhancePackagesData: () => Promise<EnhancedPackagesData>;
      • Merge and enhance the packages data

      method enhanceReadmesData

      protected enhanceReadmesData: (
      data: EnhancedPackagesData
      ) => Promise<DataForReadmeFiles>;
      • Merge and enhance the readmes data

      method loadPaths

      protected loadPaths: () => Promise<void>;
      • Load in the paths we have specified

      method save

      protected save: (
      enhancedPackagesData: EnhancedPackagesData,
      enhancedReadmesData: EnhancedReadmesData
      ) => Promise<void>;
      • Save the data we've loaded into the files

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