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npm i purgecss
yarn add purgecss
pnpm add purgecss


Remove unused css selectors



variable defaultOptions

const defaultOptions: Options;


    function mergeExtractorSelectors

    mergeExtractorSelectors: (
    ...extractors: (ExtractorResultDetailed | ExtractorResultSets)[]
    ) => ExtractorResultSets;
    • Merge two extractor selectors

      Parameter extractorSelectorsA

      extractor selectors A

      Parameter extractorSelectorsB

      extractor selectors B

    function setOptions

    setOptions: (configFile?: string) => Promise<Options>;
    • Load the configuration file from the path

      Parameter configFile

      Path of the config file

    function standardizeSafelist

    standardizeSafelist: (
    userDefinedSafelist?: UserDefinedSafelist
    ) => Required<ComplexSafelist>;


      class PurgeCSS

      class PurgeCSS {}

        property options

        options: Options;

          property selectorsRemoved

          selectorsRemoved: Set<string>;

            method extractSelectorsFromFiles

            extractSelectorsFromFiles: (
            files: string[],
            extractors: Extractors[]
            ) => Promise<ExtractorResultSets>;
            • Extract the selectors present in the files using a purgecss extractor

              Parameter files

              Array of files path or glob pattern

              Parameter extractors

              Array of extractors

            method extractSelectorsFromString

            extractSelectorsFromString: (
            content: RawContent[],
            extractors: Extractors[]
            ) => Promise<ExtractorResultSets>;
            • Extract the selectors present in the passed string using a PurgeCSS extractor

              Parameter content

              Array of content

              Parameter extractors

              Array of extractors

            method getPurgedCSS

            getPurgedCSS: (
            cssOptions: Array<string | RawCSS>,
            selectors: ExtractorResultSets
            ) => Promise<ResultPurge[]>;
            • Get the purged version of the css based on the files

              Parameter cssOptions

              css options, files or raw strings

              Parameter selectors

              set of extracted css selectors

            method purge

            purge: (
            userOptions: UserDefinedOptions | string | undefined
            ) => Promise<ResultPurge[]>;
            • Remove unused css

              Parameter userOptions

              PurgeCSS options

            method removeUnusedCSSVariables

            removeUnusedCSSVariables: () => void;
            • Remove unused CSS variables

            method removeUnusedFontFaces

            removeUnusedFontFaces: () => void;
            • Remove unused font-faces

            method removeUnusedKeyframes

            removeUnusedKeyframes: () => void;
            • Remove unused keyframes

            method walkThroughCSS

            walkThroughCSS: (root: any, selectors: ExtractorResultSets) => void;
            • Walk through the CSS AST and remove unused CSS

              Parameter root

              root node of the postcss AST

              Parameter selectors

              selectors used in content files

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