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npm i qqjs
yarn add qqjs
pnpm add qqjs


useful functions for writing node scripts



variable debug

const debug: any;

    variable env

    const env: NodeJS.ProcessEnv;

      variable home

      const home: string;


        function cd

        cd: (filepaths: string | string[]) => void;
        • cd into a directory

        function chmod

        chmod: (filepath: string | string[], mode: number) => Promise<void>;

          function cp

          cp: (
          source: string | string[],
          destinationpaths: string | string[],
          options?: {}
          ) => Promise<void>;
          • copy files with fs.copy can copy directories

          function cwd

          cwd: () => string;

            function download

            download: (
            url: string,
            filepath?: string | string[]
            ) => Promise<execa.ExecaReturns>;

              function emptyDir

              emptyDir: (filepath: string | string[]) => Promise<void>;

                function exists

                exists: typeof exists;

                  function fileType

                  fileType: (
                  fp: string | string[]
                  ) => Promise<'file' | 'directory' | 'symlink' | undefined>;

                    function globby

                    globby: (
                    patterns: string | string[],
                    options?: Globby.GlobbyOptions
                    ) => Promise<string[]>;
                    • glob matcher (find files)

                    function handleError

                    handleError: (err: Error) => void;

                      function hash

                      hash: (algo: string, fp: string | string[]) => Promise<string>;

                        function join

                        join: {
                        (filepath?: string | string[]): string;
                        (...filepath: string[]): string;
                        • easier to use version of path.join() flattens args so you can pass things in like join(['foo', 'bar']) or join('foo', 'bar') the point of this is to make it so all the different qqjs tools can take in arrays as arguments to be joined defaults to process.cwd()

                        function ln

                        ln: (from: Filepath, to: Filepath) => Promise<void>;

                          function log

                          log: (...args: any[]) => void;

                            function ls

                            ls: (
                            filepaths?: string | string[],
                            options?: { fullpath?: boolean }
                            ) => Promise<string[]>;
                            • list files in directory

                            function mkdirp

                            mkdirp: typeof mkdirp;
                            • creates a directory if it does not exist this will automatically join the paths if you pass multiple strings with path.join()

                            function mv

                            mv: (source: string | string[], dest: string | string[]) => Promise<void>;

                              function pkgDir

                              pkgDir: typeof pkgDir;

                                function popd

                                popd: () => void;

                                  function prettifyPaths

                                  prettifyPaths: (input: string) => string;

                                    function pushd

                                    pushd: (filepaths: string | string[]) => void;

                                      function read

                                      read: (filepaths: string | string[], options?: {}) => Promise<string>;
                                      • read file into string

                                      function readJSON

                                      readJSON: (filepaths: string | string[]) => Promise<any>;
                                      • reads a json file in using load-json-file this will automatically join the paths if you pass multiple strings with path.join() can accept http urls

                                      function rm

                                      rm: (...filesArray: (string | string[])[]) => Promise<void>;
                                      • rm -rf

                                      function rmIfEmpty

                                      rmIfEmpty: (...filesArray: (string | string[])[]) => Promise<void>;

                                        function run

                                        run: <T>(fn: (...args: any[]) => Promise<T>) => Promise<T | void>;

                                          function tmpDir

                                          tmpDir: () => Promise<string>;
                                          • create a new temporary directory uses tmp

                                          function write

                                          write: (filepaths: string | string[], data: any, options?: {}) => Promise<void>;
                                          • output string to file creates directory if not exists

                                          function writeJSON

                                          writeJSON: (
                                          filepaths: string | string[],
                                          data: any,
                                          options?: WriteJSONFile.Options
                                          ) => Promise<void>;
                                          • writes a json file with write-json-file this will automatically join the paths if you pass an array of strings

                                          function x

                                          x: typeof x;
                                          • run a command

                                            pass in a string to have it run with execa.shell(), or an file and array of strings for execa()

                                          Type Aliases

                                          type Filepath

                                          type Filepath = string | string[];


                                            namespace config

                                            module 'lib/config.d.ts' {}

                                              variable silent

                                              let silent: boolean;

                                                namespace exists

                                                namespace exists {}

                                                  function sync

                                                  sync: (filepath: string | string[]) => boolean;

                                                    namespace mkdirp

                                                    namespace mkdirp {}

                                                      function sync

                                                      sync: (...filepaths: (string | string[])[]) => void;

                                                        namespace pkgDir

                                                        namespace pkgDir {}

                                                          function sync

                                                          sync: (fp?: string) => string | undefined;

                                                            namespace x

                                                            namespace x {}

                                                              function exec

                                                              exec: (
                                                              cmd: string,
                                                              args: string[],
                                                              options?: Execa.Options
                                                              ) => Execa.ExecaChildProcess;

                                                                function shell

                                                                shell: (cmd: string, options?: Execa.Options) => Execa.ExecaChildProcess;

                                                                  function stdout

                                                                  stdout: (
                                                                  cmd: string,
                                                                  args?: string[],
                                                                  options?: Execa.Options
                                                                  ) => Promise<string>;

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