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npm i rc-trigger
yarn add rc-trigger
pnpm add rc-trigger


base abstract trigger component for react



variable _default

const _default: React.ComponentClass<TriggerProps, any>;


    function generateTrigger

    generateTrigger: (PortalComponent: any) => React.ComponentClass<TriggerProps>;
    • Internal usage. Do not use in your code since this will be removed.


    interface TriggerProps

    interface TriggerProps {}

      property action

      action?: ActionType | ActionType[];

        property afterPopupVisibleChange

        afterPopupVisibleChange?: (visible: boolean) => void;

          property alignPoint

          alignPoint?: boolean;

            property autoDestroy

            autoDestroy?: boolean;

              property blurDelay

              blurDelay?: number;

                property builtinPlacements

                builtinPlacements?: BuildInPlacements;

                  property children

                  children: React.ReactElement;

                    property className

                    className?: string;

                      property defaultPopupVisible

                      defaultPopupVisible?: boolean;

                        property destroyPopupOnHide

                        destroyPopupOnHide?: boolean;

                          property focusDelay

                          focusDelay?: number;

                            property forceRender

                            forceRender?: boolean;

                              property getDocument

                              getDocument?: (element?: HTMLElement) => HTMLDocument;

                                property getPopupClassNameFromAlign

                                getPopupClassNameFromAlign?: (align: AlignType) => string;

                                  property getPopupContainer

                                  getPopupContainer?: (node: HTMLElement) => HTMLElement;

                                    property getTriggerDOMNode

                                    getTriggerDOMNode?: (node: React.ReactInstance) => HTMLElement;
                                    • Get trigger DOM node. Used for some component is function component which can not access by findDOMNode

                                    property hideAction

                                    hideAction?: ActionType[];

                                      property mask

                                      mask?: boolean;

                                        property maskAnimation

                                        maskAnimation?: string;
                                        • Deprecated

                                          Please us maskMotion instead.

                                        property maskClosable

                                        maskClosable?: boolean;

                                          property maskMotion

                                          maskMotion?: CSSMotionProps;
                                          • Set mask motion. You can ref rc-motion for more info.

                                          property maskTransitionName

                                          maskTransitionName?: TransitionNameType;
                                          • Deprecated

                                            Please us maskMotion instead.

                                          property mobile

                                          mobile?: MobileConfig;
                                          • Bump fixed position at bottom in mobile. This is internal usage currently, do not use in your prod

                                          property mouseEnterDelay

                                          mouseEnterDelay?: number;

                                            property mouseLeaveDelay

                                            mouseLeaveDelay?: number;

                                              property onPopupAlign

                                              onPopupAlign?: (element: HTMLElement, align: AlignType) => void;

                                                property onPopupClick

                                                onPopupClick?: React.MouseEventHandler<HTMLDivElement>;

                                                  property onPopupVisibleChange

                                                  onPopupVisibleChange?: (visible: boolean) => void;

                                                    property popup

                                                    popup: React.ReactNode | (() => React.ReactNode);

                                                      property popupAlign

                                                      popupAlign?: AlignType;

                                                        property popupAnimation

                                                        popupAnimation?: AnimationType;
                                                        • Deprecated

                                                          Please us popupMotion instead.

                                                        property popupClassName

                                                        popupClassName?: string;

                                                          property popupMotion

                                                          popupMotion?: CSSMotionProps;
                                                          • Set popup motion. You can ref rc-motion for more info.

                                                          property popupPlacement

                                                          popupPlacement?: string;

                                                            property popupStyle

                                                            popupStyle?: React.CSSProperties;

                                                              property popupTransitionName

                                                              popupTransitionName?: TransitionNameType;
                                                              • Deprecated

                                                                Please us popupMotion instead.

                                                              property popupVisible

                                                              popupVisible?: boolean;

                                                                property prefixCls

                                                                prefixCls?: string;

                                                                  property showAction

                                                                  showAction?: ActionType[];

                                                                    property stretch

                                                                    stretch?: string;

                                                                      property zIndex

                                                                      zIndex?: number;

                                                                        Type Aliases

                                                                        type BuildInPlacements

                                                                        type BuildInPlacements = Record<string, AlignType>;

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