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npm i react-icons
yarn add react-icons
pnpm add react-icons


SVG React icons of popular icon packs using ES6 imports



variable DefaultContext

const DefaultContext: IconContext;

    variable IconContext

    const IconContext: React.Context<IconContext>;

      variable IconsManifest

      const IconsManifest: IconManifestType[];


        function GenIcon

        GenIcon: (data: IconTree) => (props: IconBaseProps) => React.JSX.Element;

          function IconBase

          IconBase: (
          props: IconBaseProps & { attr?: Record<string, string> }
          ) => JSX.Element;


            interface IconBaseProps

            interface IconBaseProps extends React.SVGAttributes<SVGElement> {}

              property children

              children?: React.ReactNode;

                property color

                color?: string;

                  property size

                  size?: string | number;

                    property title

                    title?: string;

                      interface IconContext

                      interface IconContext {}

                        property attr

                        attr?: React.SVGAttributes<SVGElement>;

                          property className

                          className?: string;

                            property color

                            color?: string;

                              property size

                              size?: string;

                                property style

                                style?: React.CSSProperties;

                                  interface IconManifestType

                                  interface IconManifestType {}

                                    property id

                                    id: string;

                                      property license

                                      license: string;

                                        property licenseUrl

                                        licenseUrl: string;

                                          property name

                                          name: string;

                                            property projectUrl

                                            projectUrl: string;

                                              interface IconTree

                                              interface IconTree {}

                                                property attr

                                                attr: {
                                                [key: string]: string;

                                                  property child

                                                  child: IconTree[];

                                                    property tag

                                                    tag: string;

                                                      Type Aliases

                                                      type IconType

                                                      type IconType = (props: IconBaseProps) => JSX.Element;

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