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npm i redux-observable
yarn add redux-observable
pnpm add redux-observable


RxJS based middleware for Redux. Compose and cancel async actions and more.



function combineEpics

combineEpics: <T extends any, O extends T = T, S = void, D = any>(
...epics: Epic<T, O, S, D>[]
) => Epic<T, O, S, D>;
  • Merges all epics into a single one.

function createEpicMiddleware

createEpicMiddleware: <T extends any, O extends T = T, S = void, D = any>(
options?: Options<D>
) => EpicMiddleware<T, O, S, D>;

    function ofType

    ofType: <
    Input extends any,
    Type extends Input['type'],
    Output extends Input = Extract<Input, any>
    types_0: Type,
    ...types_1: Type[]
    ) => any;
    • Inferring the types of this is a bit challenging, and only works in newer versions of TypeScript.


      ...types One or more Redux action types you want to filter for, variadic.


    class StateObservable

    class StateObservable<S> extends Observable<S> {}


      constructor(input$: any, initialState: {});

        property value

        value: {};


          interface Epic

          interface Epic<
          Input extends Action = any,
          Output extends Input = Input,
          State = any,
          Dependencies = any
          > {}

            call signature

            action$: Observable<Input>,
            state$: StateObservable<State>,
            dependencies: Dependencies
            ): Observable<Output>;

              interface EpicMiddleware

              interface EpicMiddleware<T extends Action, O extends T = T, S = void, D = any>
              extends Middleware<{}, S, Dispatch<any>> {}

                method run

                run: (rootEpic: Epic<T, O, S, D>) => void;

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