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npm i rotating-file-stream
yarn add rotating-file-stream
pnpm add rotating-file-stream


Opens a stream.Writable to a file rotated by interval and/or size. A logrotate alternative.



function createStream

createStream: (
filename: string | Generator,
options?: Options
) => RotatingFileStream;


    class RotatingFileStream

    class RotatingFileStream extends Writable {}


      constructor(generator: Generator, options: Opts);


        interface Options

        interface Options {}

          property compress

          compress?: boolean | string | Compressor;

            property encoding

            encoding?: BufferEncoding;

              property history

              history?: string;

                property immutable

                immutable?: boolean;

                  property initialRotation

                  initialRotation?: boolean;

                    property interval

                    interval?: string;

                      property intervalBoundary

                      intervalBoundary?: boolean;

                        property maxFiles

                        maxFiles?: number;

                          property maxSize

                          maxSize?: string;

                            property mode

                            mode?: number;

                              property path

                              path?: string;

                                property rotate

                                rotate?: number;

                                  property size

                                  size?: string;

                                    property teeToStdout

                                    teeToStdout?: boolean;

                                      Type Aliases

                                      type Compressor

                                      type Compressor = (source: string, dest: string) => string;

                                        type Generator

                                        type Generator = (time: number | Date, index?: number) => string;

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