• Version 4.9.0
  • Published
  • 53.9 kB
  • 10 dependencies
  • Apache-2.0 license


npm i snyk-resolve-deps
yarn add snyk-resolve-deps
pnpm add snyk-resolve-deps


Resolves a node package tree with combined support for both npm@2 and npm@3.



variable logicalTree

var logicalTree: (fileTree: PackageExpanded, options: Options) => LogicalRoot;

    variable physicalTree

    var physicalTree: (
    root: string,
    depType: string,
    options: any
    ) => Promise<PackageExpanded>;

      variable pluck

      var pluck: (
      root: PackageExpanded,
      path: string[],
      name: string,
      range: string
      ) => false | PackageExpanded;

        variable prune

        var prune: (pkg: any, shouldPrune: any) => any;

          variable unique

          var unique: (deps: PackageExpanded) => PackageExpanded;

            variable walk

            var walk: (depsOrPkg: PackageExpanded | DepExpandedDict, filter: any) => never[];


              function resolveDeps

              resolveDeps: typeof resolveDeps;

                Package Files (1)

                Dependencies (10)

                Dev Dependencies (7)

                Peer Dependencies (0)

                No peer dependencies.


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