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npm i typedoc-plugin-external-module-name
yarn add typedoc-plugin-external-module-name
pnpm add typedoc-plugin-external-module-name


Specify the Typedoc Module of a file using @module annotation



class ExternalModuleNamePlugin

@Component({ name: 'external-module-name' })
export class ExternalModuleNamePlugin extends ConverterComponent {}
  • This plugin allows an ES6 module to specify its TypeDoc name. It also allows multiple ES6 modules to be merged together into a single TypeDoc module.

    At the top of an ES6 module, add a "dynamic module comment". Insert "@module typedocModuleName" to specify that this ES6 module should be merged with module: "typedocModuleName".

    Similar to the [[DynamicModulePlugin]], ensure that there is a comment tag (even blank) for the first symbol in the file.

    Example 1

    * @module newModuleName
    /** for typedoc /
    import {foo} from "../foo";
    export let bar = "bar";

    Also similar to [[DynamicModulePlugin]], if is found in a dynamic module comment, the comment will be used as the module comment, and documentation will be generated from it (note: this plugin does not attempt to count lengths of merged module comments in order to guess the best one)

method initialize

initialize: () => void;

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