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npm i typescript-json-schema
yarn add typescript-json-schema
pnpm add typescript-json-schema


typescript-json-schema generates JSON Schema files from your Typescript sources



function buildGenerator

buildGenerator: (
program: ts.Program,
args?: PartialArgs,
onlyIncludeFiles?: string[]
) => JsonSchemaGenerator | null;

    function exec

    exec: (filePattern: string, fullTypeName: string, args?: Args) => Promise<void>;

      function generateSchema

      generateSchema: (
      program: ts.Program,
      fullTypeName: string,
      args?: PartialArgs,
      onlyIncludeFiles?: string[],
      externalGenerator?: JsonSchemaGenerator
      ) => Definition | null;

        function getDefaultArgs

        getDefaultArgs: () => Args;

          function getProgramFromFiles

          getProgramFromFiles: (
          files: string[],
          jsonCompilerOptions?: any,
          basePath?: string
          ) => ts.Program;

            function programFromConfig

            programFromConfig: (
            configFileName: string,
            onlyIncludeFiles?: string[]
            ) => ts.Program;

              function regexRequire

              regexRequire: (value: string) => RegExpExecArray | null;


                class JsonSchemaGenerator

                class JsonSchemaGenerator {}


                  symbols: SymbolRef[],
                  allSymbols: { [name: string]: ts.Type },
                  userSymbols: { [name: string]: ts.Symbol },
                  inheritingTypes: { [baseName: string]: string[] },
                  tc: ts.TypeChecker,
                  args?: Args

                    property ReffedDefinitions

                    readonly ReffedDefinitions: { [key: string]: Definition };

                      method getMainFileSymbols

                      getMainFileSymbols: (
                      program: ts.Program,
                      onlyIncludeFiles?: string[]
                      ) => string[];

                        method getSchemaForSymbol

                        getSchemaForSymbol: (
                        symbolName: string,
                        includeReffedDefinitions?: boolean,
                        includeAllOverrides?: boolean
                        ) => Definition;

                          method getSchemaForSymbols

                          getSchemaForSymbols: (
                          symbolNames: string[],
                          includeReffedDefinitions?: boolean,
                          includeAllOverrides?: boolean
                          ) => Definition;

                            method getSymbols

                            getSymbols: (name?: string) => SymbolRef[];

                              method getUserSymbols

                              getUserSymbols: () => string[];

                                method setSchemaOverride

                                setSchemaOverride: (symbolName: string, schema: Definition) => void;


                                  interface Definition

                                  interface Definition extends Omit<JSONSchema7, RedefinedFields> {}

                                    property additionalItems

                                    additionalItems?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                      property additionalProperties

                                      additionalProperties?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                        property allOf

                                        allOf?: DefinitionOrBoolean[];

                                          property anyOf

                                          anyOf?: DefinitionOrBoolean[];

                                            property contains

                                            contains?: JSONSchema7;

                                              property defaultProperties

                                              defaultProperties?: string[];

                                                property definitions

                                                definitions?: {
                                                [key: string]: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                  property dependencies

                                                  dependencies?: {
                                                  [key: string]: DefinitionOrBoolean | string[];

                                                    property else

                                                    else?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                      property if

                                                      if?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                        property items

                                                        items?: DefinitionOrBoolean | DefinitionOrBoolean[];

                                                          property not

                                                          not?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                            property oneOf

                                                            oneOf?: DefinitionOrBoolean[];

                                                              property patternProperties

                                                              patternProperties?: {
                                                              [key: string]: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                                property properties

                                                                properties?: {
                                                                [key: string]: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                                  property propertyNames

                                                                  propertyNames?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                                    property propertyOrder

                                                                    propertyOrder?: string[];

                                                                      property then

                                                                      then?: DefinitionOrBoolean;

                                                                        property typeof

                                                                        typeof?: 'function';

                                                                          Type Aliases

                                                                          type Args

                                                                          type Args = {
                                                                          ref: boolean;
                                                                          aliasRef: boolean;
                                                                          topRef: boolean;
                                                                          titles: boolean;
                                                                          defaultProps: boolean;
                                                                          noExtraProps: boolean;
                                                                          propOrder: boolean;
                                                                          typeOfKeyword: boolean;
                                                                          required: boolean;
                                                                          strictNullChecks: boolean;
                                                                          esModuleInterop: boolean;
                                                                          skipLibCheck: boolean;
                                                                          ignoreErrors: boolean;
                                                                          experimentalDecorators: boolean;
                                                                          out: string;
                                                                          validationKeywords: string[];
                                                                          include: string[];
                                                                          excludePrivate: boolean;
                                                                          uniqueNames: boolean;
                                                                          rejectDateType: boolean;
                                                                          id: string;
                                                                          defaultNumberType: 'number' | 'integer';
                                                                          tsNodeRegister: boolean;
                                                                          constAsEnum: boolean;

                                                                            type DefinitionOrBoolean

                                                                            type DefinitionOrBoolean = Definition | boolean;

                                                                              type PartialArgs

                                                                              type PartialArgs = Partial<Args>;

                                                                                type PrimitiveType

                                                                                type PrimitiveType = number | boolean | string | null;

                                                                                  type SymbolRef

                                                                                  type SymbolRef = {
                                                                                  name: string;
                                                                                  typeName: string;
                                                                                  fullyQualifiedName: string;
                                                                                  symbol: ts.Symbol;

                                                                                    type ValidationKeywords

                                                                                    type ValidationKeywords = {
                                                                                    [prop: string]: boolean;

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