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npm i verdaccio
yarn add verdaccio
pnpm add verdaccio


A lightweight private npm proxy registry



function runServer

runServer: (config?: string) => Promise<any>;
  • Exposes a server factory to be instantiated programmatically.

    const app = await runServer(); // default configuration const app = await runServer('./config/config.yaml'); const app = await runServer({ configuration }); app.listen(4000, (event) => { // do something });

    Parameter config

function startVerdaccio

startVerdaccio: (
config: any,
cliListen: string,
configPath: string,
pkgVersion: string,
pkgName: string,
callback: Callback
) => void;
  • Trigger the server after configuration has been loaded.

    Parameter config

    Parameter cliArguments

    Parameter configPath

    Parameter pkgVersion

    Parameter pkgName


    use runServer instead

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