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npm i vscode-test
yarn add vscode-test
pnpm add vscode-test


![Test Status Badge](https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-test/workflows/Tests/badge.svg)



function download

download: (options?: Partial<DownloadOptions>) => Promise<string>;
  • Download and unzip a copy of VS Code.


    Promise of vscodeExecutablePath.

function downloadAndUnzipVSCode

downloadAndUnzipVSCode: (
version?: DownloadVersion,
platform?: DownloadPlatform
) => Promise<string>;
  • Download and unzip a copy of VS Code in .vscode-test. The paths are: - .vscode-test/vscode-<PLATFORM>-<VERSION>. For example, ./vscode-test/vscode-win32-1.32.0 - .vscode-test/vscode-win32-insiders.

    *If a local copy exists at .vscode-test/vscode-<PLATFORM>-<VERSION>, skip download.*

    Parameter version

    The version of VS Code to download such as 1.32.0. You can also use 'stable' for downloading latest stable release. 'insiders' for downloading latest Insiders. When unspecified, download latest stable version.


    Promise of vscodeExecutablePath.

function resolveCliPathFromVSCodeExecutablePath

resolveCliPathFromVSCodeExecutablePath: (vscodeExecutablePath: string) => string;
  • Resolve the VS Code cli path from executable path returned from downloadAndUnzipVSCode. You can use this path to spawn processes for extension management. For example:

    const cp = require('child_process');
    const { downloadAndUnzipVSCode, resolveCliPathFromExecutablePath } = require('vscode-test')
    const vscodeExecutablePath = await downloadAndUnzipVSCode('1.36.0');
    const cliPath = resolveCliPathFromExecutablePath(vscodeExecutablePath);
    cp.spawnSync(cliPath, ['--install-extension', '<EXTENSION-ID-OR-PATH-TO-VSIX>'], {
    encoding: 'utf-8',
    stdio: 'inherit'

    Parameter vscodeExecutablePath

    The vscodeExecutablePath from downloadAndUnzipVSCode.

function runTests

runTests: (options: TestOptions) => Promise<number>;
  • Run VS Code extension test


    The exit code of the command to launch VS Code extension test

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