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npm i webpackbar
yarn add webpackbar
pnpm add webpackbar


Elegant ProgressBar and Profiler for Webpack



class WebpackBarPlugin

class WebpackBarPlugin extends Webpack.ProgressPlugin {}


    constructor(options?: WebpackBarOptions);

      property hasErrors

      readonly hasErrors: boolean;

        property hasRunning

        readonly hasRunning: boolean;

          property state

          readonly state: State;

            property states

            readonly states: { [key: string]: State };

              property statesArray

              readonly statesArray: any[];

                method apply

                apply: (compiler: any) => void;

                  method callReporters

                  callReporters: (fn: any, payload?: {}) => void;

                    method updateProgress

                    updateProgress: (percent?: number, message?: string, details?: any[]) => void;


                      interface Reporter

                      interface Reporter {}

                        property afterAllDone

                        afterAllDone?: ReporterContextFunc;

                          property allDone

                          allDone?: ReporterContextFunc;
                          • Called when _all_ compiles finished

                          property beforeAllDone

                          beforeAllDone?: ReporterContextFunc;

                            property change

                            change?: ReporterContextFunc<{ shortPath: string }>;
                            • Called when a file changed on watch mode

                            property done

                            done?: ReporterContextFunc<{ stats: Stats }>;
                            • Called when compile finished

                            property progress

                            progress?: ReporterContextFunc;
                            • Called when build progress updated

                            property start

                            start?: ReporterContextFunc;
                            • Called when (re)compile is started

                            property update

                            update?: ReporterContextFunc;
                            • Called after each progress update

                            interface State

                            interface State {}

                              property color

                              color: string;

                                property details

                                details: string[];

                                  property done

                                  done: boolean;

                                    property hasErrors

                                    hasErrors: boolean;

                                      property message

                                      message: string;

                                        property name

                                        name: string;

                                          property progress

                                          progress: number;

                                            property request

                                            request: null | {
                                            file: null | string;
                                            loaders: string[];

                                              property start

                                              start: [number, number] | null;

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