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npm i wrap-ansi
yarn add wrap-ansi
pnpm add wrap-ansi


Wordwrap a string with ANSI escape codes



Type Aliases


function wrapAnsi

wrapAnsi: (string: string, columns: number, options?: Options) => string;
  • Wrap words to the specified column width.

    Parameter string

    A string with ANSI escape codes, like one styled by [chalk](https://github.com/chalk/chalk). Newline characters will be normalized to \n.

    Parameter columns

    The number of columns to wrap the text to.

    Example 1

    import chalk from 'chalk';
    import wrapAnsi from 'wrap-ansi';
    const input = 'The quick brown ' + chalk.red('fox jumped over ') +
    'the lazy ' + chalk.green('dog and then ran away with the unicorn.');
    console.log(wrapAnsi(input, 20));

Type Aliases

type Options

type Options = {
By default the wrap is soft, meaning long words may extend past the column width. Setting this to `true` will make it hard wrap at the column width.
@default false
readonly hard?: boolean;
By default, an attempt is made to split words at spaces, ensuring that they don't extend past the configured columns. If wordWrap is `false`, each column will instead be completely filled splitting words as necessary.
@default true
readonly wordWrap?: boolean;
Whitespace on all lines is removed by default. Set this option to `false` if you don't want to trim.
@default true
readonly trim?: boolean;

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