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npm i xlsx
yarn add xlsx
pnpm add xlsx


SheetJS Spreadsheet data parser and writer





Type Aliases


variable CFB

const CFB: any;
  • CFB Library

variable SSF

const SSF: any;
  • SSF Formatter Library

variable stream

const stream: StreamUtils;
  • Stream Utility Functions

variable utils

const utils: XLSX$Utils;
  • Utility Functions

variable version

const version: string;
  • Version string


function read

read: (data: any, opts?: ParsingOptions) => WorkBook;
  • Attempts to parse data

function readFile

readFile: (filename: string, opts?: ParsingOptions) => WorkBook;
  • NODE ONLY! Attempts to read filename and parse

function set_cptable

set_cptable: (cptable: any) => void;
  • ESM ONLY! Set internal codepage tables

function set_fs

set_fs: (fs: any) => void;
  • ESM ONLY! Set internal fs instance

function write

write: (data: WorkBook, opts: WritingOptions) => any;
  • Attempts to write the workbook data

function writeFile

writeFile: (data: WorkBook, filename: string, opts?: WritingOptions) => any;
  • Attempts to write or download workbook data to file

function writeFileAsync

writeFileAsync: (
filename: string,
data: WorkBook,
opts: WritingOptions | CBFunc,
cb?: CBFunc
) => any;

    function writeFileXLSX

    writeFileXLSX: (data: WorkBook, filename: string, opts?: WritingOptions) => any;
    • Attempts to write or download workbook data to XLSX file

    function writeXLSX

    writeXLSX: (data: WorkBook, opts: WritingOptions) => any;
    • Attempts to write the workbook data as XLSX


    interface AOA2SheetOpts

    interface AOA2SheetOpts extends CommonOptions, DateNFOption {}

      property sheetStubs

      sheetStubs?: boolean;
      • Create cell objects for stub cells false

      interface AutoFilterInfo

      interface AutoFilterInfo {}
      • AutoFilter properties

      property ref

      ref: string;
      • Range of the AutoFilter table

      interface CellAddress

      interface CellAddress {}
      • Simple Cell Address

      property c

      c: number;
      • Column number

      property r

      r: number;
      • Row number

      interface CellObject

      interface CellObject {}
      • Worksheet Cell Object

      property c

      c?: Comments;
      • Comments associated with the cell

      property f

      f?: string;
      • Cell formula (if applicable)

      property F

      F?: string;
      • Range of enclosing array if formula is array formula (if applicable)

      property h

      h?: string;
      • HTML rendering of the rich text (if applicable)

      property l

      l?: Hyperlink;
      • Cell hyperlink object (.Target holds link, .tooltip is tooltip)

      property r

      r?: any;
      • Rich text encoding (if applicable)

      property s

      s?: any;
      • The style/theme of the cell (if applicable)

      property t

      t: ExcelDataType;
      • The Excel Data Type of the cell. b Boolean, n Number, e Error, s String, d Date, z Empty

      property v

      v?: string | number | boolean | Date;
      • The raw value of the cell. Can be omitted if a formula is specified

      property w

      w?: string;
      • Formatted text (if applicable)

      property z

      z?: NumberFormat;
      • Number format string associated with the cell (if requested)

      interface ColInfo

      interface ColInfo {}
      • Column Properties Object

      property DBF

      DBF?: DBFField;
      • DBF Field Header

      property hidden

      hidden?: boolean;
      • if true, the column is hidden

      property level

      level?: number;
      • outline / group level

      property MDW

      MDW?: number;
      • Excel's "Max Digit Width" unit, always integral

      property wch

      wch?: number;
      • width in "characters"

      property width

      width?: number;
      • width in Excel's "Max Digit Width", width*256 is integral

      property wpx

      wpx?: number;
      • width in screen pixels

      interface Comment

      interface Comment {}
      • Comment element

      property a

      a?: string;
      • Author of the comment block

      property t

      t: string;
      • Plaintext of the comment

      property T

      T?: boolean;
      • If true, mark the comment as a part of a thread

      interface Comments

      interface Comments extends Array<Comment> {}
      • Cell comments

      property hidden

      hidden?: boolean;
      • Hide comment by default

      interface CommonOptions

      interface CommonOptions {}

        property bookVBA

        bookVBA?: boolean;
        • When reading a file with VBA macros, expose CFB blob to vbaraw field When writing BIFF8/XLSB/XLSM, reseat vbaraw and export to file false

        property cellDates

        cellDates?: boolean;
        • When reading a file, store dates as type d (default is n) When writing XLSX/XLSM file, use native date (default uses date codes) false

        property cellStyles

        cellStyles?: boolean;
        • When reading a file, save style/theme info to the .s field When writing a file, export style/theme info false

        property password

        password?: string;
        • If defined and file is encrypted, use password ''

        property sheetStubs

        sheetStubs?: boolean;
        • Create cell objects for stub cells false

        property WTF

        WTF?: boolean;
        • If true, throw errors when features are not understood false

        interface DateNFOption

        interface DateNFOption {}

          property dateNF

          dateNF?: NumberFormat;
          • Use specified date format

          interface DBFField

          interface DBFField {}
          • DBF Field Header

          property dec

          dec?: number;
          • Field Decimal Count

          property len

          len?: number;
          • Field Length

          property name

          name?: string;
          • Original Field Name

          property type

          type?: string;
          • Field Type

          interface DefinedName

          interface DefinedName {}
          • Defined Name Object

          property Comment

          Comment?: string;
          • Name comment

          property Name

          Name: string;
          • Name

          property Ref

          Ref: string;
          • Reference

          property Sheet

          Sheet?: number;
          • Scope (undefined for workbook scope)

          interface FullProperties

          interface FullProperties extends Properties {}
          • Other supported properties

          property Application

          Application?: string;

            property AppVersion

            AppVersion?: string;

              property ContentStatus

              ContentStatus?: string;

                property DocSecurity

                DocSecurity?: string;

                  property HyperlinksChanged

                  HyperlinksChanged?: boolean;

                    property Identifier

                    Identifier?: string;

                      property Language

                      Language?: string;

                        property LastPrinted

                        LastPrinted?: string;

                          property LinksUpToDate

                          LinksUpToDate?: boolean;

                            property ModifiedDate

                            ModifiedDate?: Date;

                              property Revision

                              Revision?: string | number;

                                property ScaleCrop

                                ScaleCrop?: boolean;

                                  property SharedDoc

                                  SharedDoc?: boolean;

                                    property SheetNames

                                    SheetNames?: string[];

                                      property Version

                                      Version?: string;

                                        property Worksheets

                                        Worksheets?: number;
                                          interface Hyperlink {}
                                          • Link object

                                          property Target

                                          Target: string;
                                          • Target of the link (HREF)

                                          property Tooltip

                                          Tooltip?: string;
                                          • Plaintext tooltip to display when mouse is over cell

                                          interface JSON2SheetOpts

                                          interface JSON2SheetOpts extends CommonOptions, DateNFOption {}

                                            property header

                                            header?: string[];
                                            • Use specified column order

                                            property skipHeader

                                            skipHeader?: boolean;
                                            • Skip header row in generated sheet

                                            interface MarginInfo

                                            interface MarginInfo {}
                                            • Page Margins -- see Excel Page Setup .. Margins diagram for explanation

                                            property bottom

                                            bottom?: number;
                                            • Bottom side margin (inches)

                                            property footer

                                            footer?: number;
                                            • Footer bottom height (inches)

                                            property header

                                            header?: number;
                                            • Header top margin (inches)

                                            property left

                                            left?: number;
                                            • Left side margin (inches)

                                            property right

                                            right?: number;
                                            • Right side margin (inches)

                                            property top

                                            top?: number;
                                            • Top side margin (inches)

                                            interface OriginOption

                                            interface OriginOption {}

                                              property origin

                                              origin?: number | string | CellAddress;
                                              • Top-Left cell for operation (CellAddress or A1 string or row)

                                              interface ParsingOptions

                                              interface ParsingOptions extends CommonOptions {}
                                              • Options for read and readFile

                                              property bookDeps

                                              bookDeps?: boolean;
                                              • If true, parse calculation chains false

                                              property bookFiles

                                              bookFiles?: boolean;
                                              • If true, add raw files to book object false

                                              property bookProps

                                              bookProps?: boolean;
                                              • If true, only parse enough to get book metadata false

                                              property bookSheets

                                              bookSheets?: boolean;
                                              • If true, only parse enough to get the sheet names false

                                              property cellFormula

                                              cellFormula?: boolean;
                                              • Save formulae to the .f field true

                                              property cellHTML

                                              cellHTML?: boolean;
                                              • Parse rich text and save HTML to the .h field true

                                              property cellNF

                                              cellNF?: boolean;
                                              • Save number format string to the .z field false

                                              property cellText

                                              cellText?: boolean;
                                              • Generate formatted text to the .w field true

                                              property codepage

                                              codepage?: number;
                                              • Default codepage

                                              property dateNF

                                              dateNF?: string;
                                              • Override default date format (code 14)

                                              property dense

                                              dense?: boolean;

                                                property FS

                                                FS?: string;
                                                • Field Separator ("Delimiter" override)

                                                property PRN

                                                PRN?: boolean;

                                                  property raw

                                                  raw?: boolean;
                                                  • If true, plaintext parsing will not parse values

                                                  property sheetRows

                                                  sheetRows?: number;
                                                  • If >0, read the first sheetRows rows 0

                                                  property sheets

                                                  sheets?: number | string | Array<number | string>;
                                                  • If specified, only parse the specified sheets or sheet names

                                                  property type

                                                  type?: 'base64' | 'binary' | 'buffer' | 'file' | 'array' | 'string';
                                                  • Input data encoding

                                                  property xlfn

                                                  xlfn?: boolean;
                                                  • If true, preserve _xlfn. prefixes in formula function names

                                                  interface Properties

                                                  interface Properties {}
                                                  • Basic File Properties

                                                  property Author

                                                  Author?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Author"

                                                  property Category

                                                  Category?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Category"

                                                  property Comments

                                                  Comments?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Comments"

                                                  property Company

                                                  Company?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Company"

                                                  property CreatedDate

                                                  CreatedDate?: Date;
                                                  • Statistics tab "Created"

                                                  property Keywords

                                                  Keywords?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Keywords"

                                                  property LastAuthor

                                                  LastAuthor?: string;
                                                  • Statistics tab "Last saved by"

                                                  property Manager

                                                  Manager?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Manager"

                                                  property Subject

                                                  Subject?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Subject"

                                                  property Title

                                                  Title?: string;
                                                  • Summary tab "Title"

                                                  interface ProtectInfo

                                                  interface ProtectInfo {}
                                                  • Write sheet protection properties.

                                                  property autoFilter

                                                  autoFilter?: boolean;
                                                  • Filter @default: false

                                                  property deleteColumns

                                                  deleteColumns?: boolean;
                                                  • Delete columns @default: false

                                                  property deleteRows

                                                  deleteRows?: boolean;
                                                  • Delete rows @default: false

                                                  property formatCells

                                                  formatCells?: boolean;
                                                  • Format cells @default: false

                                                  property formatColumns

                                                  formatColumns?: boolean;
                                                  • Format columns @default: false

                                                  property formatRows

                                                  formatRows?: boolean;
                                                  • Format rows @default: false

                                                  property insertColumns

                                                  insertColumns?: boolean;
                                                  • Insert columns @default: false

                                                  insertHyperlinks?: boolean;
                                                  • Insert hyperlinks @default: false

                                                  property insertRows

                                                  insertRows?: boolean;
                                                  • Insert rows @default: false

                                                  property objects

                                                  objects?: boolean;
                                                  • Edit objects @default: true

                                                  property password

                                                  password?: string;
                                                  • The password for formats that support password-protected sheets (XLSX/XLSB/XLS). The writer uses the XOR obfuscation method.

                                                  property pivotTables

                                                  pivotTables?: boolean;
                                                  • Use PivotTable reports @default: false

                                                  property scenarios

                                                  scenarios?: boolean;
                                                  • Edit scenarios @default: true

                                                  property selectLockedCells

                                                  selectLockedCells?: boolean;
                                                  • Select locked cells @default: true

                                                  property selectUnlockedCells

                                                  selectUnlockedCells?: boolean;
                                                  • Select unlocked cells @default: true

                                                  property sort

                                                  sort?: boolean;
                                                  • Sort @default: false

                                                  interface Range

                                                  interface Range {}
                                                  • Range object (representing ranges like "A1:B2")

                                                  property e

                                                  e: CellAddress;
                                                  • Ending cell

                                                  property s

                                                  s: CellAddress;
                                                  • Starting cell

                                                  interface RowInfo

                                                  interface RowInfo {}
                                                  • Row Properties Object

                                                  property hidden

                                                  hidden?: boolean;
                                                  • if true, the column is hidden

                                                  property hpt

                                                  hpt?: number;
                                                  • height in points

                                                  property hpx

                                                  hpx?: number;
                                                  • height in screen pixels

                                                  property level

                                                  level?: number;
                                                  • outline / group level

                                                  interface Sheet

                                                  interface Sheet {}
                                                  • General object representing a Sheet (worksheet or chartsheet)

                                                  property '!margins'

                                                  '!margins'?: MarginInfo;
                                                  • Page Margins

                                                  property '!ref'

                                                  '!ref'?: string;
                                                  • Sheet Range

                                                  property '!type'

                                                  '!type'?: SheetType;
                                                  • Sheet type

                                                  index signature

                                                  [cell: string]: CellObject | SheetKeys | any;
                                                  • Indexing with a cell address string maps to a cell object Special keys start with '!'

                                                  interface Sheet2CSVOpts

                                                  interface Sheet2CSVOpts extends DateNFOption {}

                                                    property blankrows

                                                    blankrows?: boolean;
                                                    • Include blank lines in the CSV output

                                                    property forceQuotes

                                                    forceQuotes?: boolean;
                                                    • Force quotes around fields

                                                    property FS

                                                    FS?: string;
                                                    • Field Separator ("delimiter")

                                                    property rawNumbers

                                                    rawNumbers?: boolean;
                                                    • if true, return raw numbers; if false, return formatted numbers

                                                    property RS

                                                    RS?: string;
                                                    • Record Separator ("row separator")

                                                    property skipHidden

                                                    skipHidden?: boolean;
                                                    • Skip hidden rows and columns in the CSV output

                                                    property strip

                                                    strip?: boolean;
                                                    • Remove trailing field separators in each record

                                                    interface Sheet2HTMLOpts

                                                    interface Sheet2HTMLOpts {}

                                                      property editable

                                                      editable?: boolean;
                                                      • Add contenteditable to every cell

                                                      property footer

                                                      footer?: string;
                                                      • Footer HTML

                                                      property header

                                                      header?: string;
                                                      • Header HTML

                                                      property id

                                                      id?: string;
                                                      • TABLE element id attribute

                                                      interface Sheet2JSONOpts

                                                      interface Sheet2JSONOpts extends DateNFOption {}

                                                        property blankrows

                                                        blankrows?: boolean;
                                                        • Include or omit blank lines in the output

                                                        property defval

                                                        defval?: any;
                                                        • Default value for null/undefined values

                                                        property header

                                                        header?: 'A' | number | string[];
                                                        • Output format

                                                        property range

                                                        range?: any;
                                                        • Override worksheet range

                                                        property raw

                                                        raw?: boolean;
                                                        • if true, return raw data; if false, return formatted text

                                                        property rawNumbers

                                                        rawNumbers?: boolean;
                                                        • if true, return raw numbers; if false, return formatted numbers

                                                        property skipHidden

                                                        skipHidden?: boolean;
                                                        • if true, skip hidden rows and columns

                                                        interface SheetAOAOpts

                                                        interface SheetAOAOpts extends AOA2SheetOpts, OriginOption {}

                                                          interface SheetJSONOpts

                                                          interface SheetJSONOpts extends JSON2SheetOpts, OriginOption {}

                                                            interface SheetOption

                                                            interface SheetOption {}

                                                              property sheet

                                                              sheet?: string;
                                                              • Name of Worksheet (for single-sheet formats) ''

                                                              interface SheetProps

                                                              interface SheetProps {}

                                                                property CodeName

                                                                CodeName?: string;
                                                                • Name of Document Module in associated VBA Project

                                                                property Hidden

                                                                Hidden?: 0 | 1 | 2;
                                                                • Sheet Visibility (0=Visible 1=Hidden 2=VeryHidden)

                                                                property name

                                                                name?: string;
                                                                • Name of Sheet

                                                                interface StreamUtils

                                                                interface StreamUtils {}
                                                                • NODE ONLY! these return Readable Streams

                                                                method set_readable

                                                                set_readable: (Readable: any) => void;
                                                                • Set Readable (internal)

                                                                method to_csv

                                                                to_csv: (sheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2CSVOpts) => any;
                                                                • CSV output stream, generate one line at a time

                                                                method to_html

                                                                to_html: (sheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2HTMLOpts) => any;
                                                                • HTML output stream, generate one line at a time

                                                                method to_json

                                                                to_json: (sheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2JSONOpts) => any;
                                                                • JSON object stream, generate one row at a time

                                                                interface StrictWS

                                                                interface StrictWS {}
                                                                • Worksheet Object with CellObject type

                                                                  The normal Worksheet type uses indexer of type any -- this enforces CellObject

                                                                index signature

                                                                [addr: string]: CellObject;

                                                                  interface Table2SheetOpts

                                                                  interface Table2SheetOpts
                                                                  extends CommonOptions,
                                                                  SheetOption {}

                                                                    property display

                                                                    display?: boolean;
                                                                    • If true, hidden rows and cells will not be parsed

                                                                    property raw

                                                                    raw?: boolean;
                                                                    • If true, plaintext parsing will not parse values

                                                                    property sheetRows

                                                                    sheetRows?: number;
                                                                    • If >0, read the first sheetRows rows 0

                                                                    interface WBProps

                                                                    interface WBProps {}
                                                                    • Workbook-Level Attributes

                                                                    property Names

                                                                    Names?: DefinedName[];
                                                                    • Defined Names

                                                                    property Sheets

                                                                    Sheets?: SheetProps[];
                                                                    • Sheet Properties

                                                                    property Views

                                                                    Views?: WBView[];
                                                                    • Workbook Views

                                                                    property WBProps

                                                                    WBProps?: WorkbookProperties;
                                                                    • Other Workbook Properties

                                                                    interface WBView

                                                                    interface WBView {}
                                                                    • Workbook View

                                                                    property RTL

                                                                    RTL?: boolean;
                                                                    • Right-to-left mode

                                                                    interface WorkBook

                                                                    interface WorkBook {}
                                                                    • Workbook Object

                                                                    property Custprops

                                                                    Custprops?: object;
                                                                    • Custom workbook Properties

                                                                    property Props

                                                                    Props?: FullProperties;
                                                                    • Standard workbook Properties

                                                                    property SheetNames

                                                                    SheetNames: string[];
                                                                    • Ordered list of the sheet names in the workbook

                                                                    property Sheets

                                                                    Sheets: { [sheet: string]: WorkSheet };
                                                                    • A dictionary of the worksheets in the workbook. Use SheetNames to reference these.

                                                                    property vbaraw

                                                                    vbaraw?: any;

                                                                      property Workbook

                                                                      Workbook?: WBProps;

                                                                        interface WorkbookProperties

                                                                        interface WorkbookProperties {}
                                                                        • Other Workbook Properties

                                                                        property CodeName

                                                                        CodeName?: string;
                                                                        • Name of Document Module in associated VBA Project

                                                                        property date1904

                                                                        date1904?: boolean;
                                                                        • Worksheet Epoch (1904 if true, 1900 if false)

                                                                        property filterPrivacy

                                                                        filterPrivacy?: boolean;
                                                                        • Warn or strip personally identifying info on save

                                                                        interface WorkSheet

                                                                        interface WorkSheet extends Sheet {}
                                                                        • Worksheet Object

                                                                        property '!autofilter'

                                                                        '!autofilter'?: AutoFilterInfo;
                                                                        • AutoFilter info

                                                                        property '!cols'

                                                                        '!cols'?: ColInfo[];
                                                                        • Column Info

                                                                        property '!merges'

                                                                        '!merges'?: Range[];
                                                                        • Merge Ranges

                                                                        property '!protect'

                                                                        '!protect'?: ProtectInfo;
                                                                        • Worksheet Protection info

                                                                        property '!rows'

                                                                        '!rows'?: RowInfo[];
                                                                        • Row Info

                                                                        index signature

                                                                        [cell: string]: CellObject | WSKeys | any;
                                                                        • Indexing with a cell address string maps to a cell object Special keys start with '!'

                                                                        interface WritingOptions

                                                                        interface WritingOptions extends CommonOptions, SheetOption {}
                                                                        • Options for write and writeFile

                                                                        property bookSST

                                                                        bookSST?: boolean;
                                                                        • Generate Shared String Table false

                                                                        property bookType

                                                                        bookType?: BookType;
                                                                        • File format of generated workbook 'xlsx'

                                                                        property compression

                                                                        compression?: boolean;
                                                                        • Use ZIP compression for ZIP-based formats false

                                                                        property ignoreEC

                                                                        ignoreEC?: boolean;
                                                                        • Suppress "number stored as text" errors in generated files true

                                                                        property numbers

                                                                        numbers?: string;
                                                                        • Base64 encoding of NUMBERS base for exports

                                                                        property Props

                                                                        Props?: Properties;
                                                                        • Override workbook properties on save

                                                                        property type

                                                                        type?: 'base64' | 'binary' | 'buffer' | 'file' | 'array' | 'string';
                                                                        • Output data encoding

                                                                        interface XLSX$Consts

                                                                        interface XLSX$Consts {}

                                                                          property SHEET_HIDDEN

                                                                          SHEET_HIDDEN: 1;
                                                                          • Visibility: Hidden

                                                                          property SHEET_VERYHIDDEN

                                                                          SHEET_VERYHIDDEN: 2;
                                                                          • Visibility: Very Hidden

                                                                          property SHEET_VISIBLE

                                                                          SHEET_VISIBLE: 0;
                                                                          • Visibility: Visible

                                                                          interface XLSX$Utils

                                                                          interface XLSX$Utils {}
                                                                          • General utilities

                                                                          property consts

                                                                          consts: XLSX$Consts;

                                                                            method aoa_to_sheet

                                                                            aoa_to_sheet: {
                                                                            <T>(data: T[][], opts?: AOA2SheetOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            (data: any[][], opts?: AOA2SheetOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            • Converts an array of arrays of JS data to a worksheet.

                                                                            method book_append_sheet

                                                                            book_append_sheet: (
                                                                            workbook: WorkBook,
                                                                            worksheet: WorkSheet,
                                                                            name?: string,
                                                                            roll?: boolean
                                                                            ) => void;
                                                                            • Append a worksheet to a workbook

                                                                            method book_new

                                                                            book_new: () => WorkBook;
                                                                            • Creates a new workbook

                                                                            method book_set_sheet_visibility

                                                                            book_set_sheet_visibility: (
                                                                            workbook: WorkBook,
                                                                            sheet: number | string,
                                                                            visibility: number
                                                                            ) => void;
                                                                            • Set sheet visibility (visible/hidden/very hidden)

                                                                            method cell_add_comment

                                                                            cell_add_comment: (cell: CellObject, text: string, author?: string) => void;
                                                                            • Add comment to a cell

                                                                            cell_set_hyperlink: (
                                                                            cell: CellObject,
                                                                            target: string,
                                                                            tooltip?: string
                                                                            ) => CellObject;
                                                                            • Set hyperlink for a cell

                                                                            cell_set_internal_link: (
                                                                            cell: CellObject,
                                                                            target: string,
                                                                            tooltip?: string
                                                                            ) => CellObject;
                                                                            • Set internal link for a cell

                                                                            method cell_set_number_format

                                                                            cell_set_number_format: (cell: CellObject, fmt: string | number) => CellObject;
                                                                            • Set number format for a cell

                                                                            method decode_cell

                                                                            decode_cell: (address: string) => CellAddress;
                                                                            • Converts A1 cell address to 0-indexed form

                                                                            method decode_col

                                                                            decode_col: (col: string) => number;
                                                                            • Converts A1 column to 0-indexed form

                                                                            method decode_range

                                                                            decode_range: (range: string) => Range;
                                                                            • Converts A1 range to 0-indexed form

                                                                            method decode_row

                                                                            decode_row: (row: string) => number;
                                                                            • Converts A1 row to 0-indexed form

                                                                            method encode_cell

                                                                            encode_cell: (cell: CellAddress) => string;
                                                                            • Converts 0-indexed cell address to A1 form

                                                                            method encode_col

                                                                            encode_col: (col: number) => string;
                                                                            • Converts 0-indexed column to A1 form

                                                                            method encode_range

                                                                            encode_range: { (s: CellAddress, e: CellAddress): string; (r: Range): string };
                                                                            • Converts 0-indexed range to A1 form

                                                                            method encode_row

                                                                            encode_row: (row: number) => string;
                                                                            • Converts 0-indexed row to A1 form

                                                                            method format_cell

                                                                            format_cell: (cell: CellObject, v?: any, opts?: any) => string;
                                                                            • Format cell

                                                                            method json_to_sheet

                                                                            json_to_sheet: {
                                                                            <T>(data: T[], opts?: JSON2SheetOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            (data: any[], opts?: JSON2SheetOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            • Converts an array of JS objects to a worksheet.

                                                                            method sheet_add_aoa

                                                                            sheet_add_aoa: {
                                                                            <T>(ws: WorkSheet, data: T[][], opts?: SheetAOAOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            (ws: WorkSheet, data: any[][], opts?: SheetAOAOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                            • Add an array of arrays of JS data to a worksheet

                                                                            method sheet_add_dom

                                                                            sheet_add_dom: (ws: WorkSheet, data: any, opts?: Table2SheetOpts) => WorkSheet;

                                                                              method sheet_add_json

                                                                              sheet_add_json: {
                                                                              (ws: WorkSheet, data: any[], opts?: SheetJSONOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                              <T>(ws: WorkSheet, data: T[], opts?: SheetJSONOpts): WorkSheet;
                                                                              • Add an array of JS objects to a worksheet

                                                                              method sheet_set_array_formula

                                                                              sheet_set_array_formula: (
                                                                              ws: WorkSheet,
                                                                              range: Range | string,
                                                                              formula: string,
                                                                              dynamic?: boolean
                                                                              ) => WorkSheet;
                                                                              • Assign an Array Formula to a range

                                                                              method sheet_to_csv

                                                                              sheet_to_csv: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2CSVOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates delimiter-separated-values output

                                                                              method sheet_to_dif

                                                                              sheet_to_dif: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2HTMLOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates DIF

                                                                              method sheet_to_eth

                                                                              sheet_to_eth: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2HTMLOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates ETH

                                                                              method sheet_to_formulae

                                                                              sheet_to_formulae: (worksheet: WorkSheet) => string[];
                                                                              • Generates a list of the formulae (with value fallbacks)

                                                                              method sheet_to_html

                                                                              sheet_to_html: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2HTMLOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates HTML

                                                                              method sheet_to_json

                                                                              sheet_to_json: {
                                                                              <T>(worksheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2JSONOpts): T[];
                                                                              (worksheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2JSONOpts): any[][];
                                                                              (worksheet: WorkSheet, opts?: Sheet2JSONOpts): any[];
                                                                              • Converts a worksheet object to an array of JSON objects

                                                                              method sheet_to_slk

                                                                              sheet_to_slk: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2HTMLOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates SYLK (Symbolic Link)

                                                                              method sheet_to_txt

                                                                              sheet_to_txt: (worksheet: WorkSheet, options?: Sheet2CSVOpts) => string;
                                                                              • Generates UTF16 Formatted Text

                                                                              method table_to_book

                                                                              table_to_book: (data: any, opts?: Table2SheetOpts) => WorkBook;

                                                                                method table_to_sheet

                                                                                table_to_sheet: (data: any, opts?: Table2SheetOpts) => WorkSheet;
                                                                                • BROWSER ONLY! Converts a TABLE DOM element to a worksheet.

                                                                                Type Aliases

                                                                                type BookType

                                                                                type BookType =
                                                                                | 'xlsx'
                                                                                | 'xlsm'
                                                                                | 'xlsb'
                                                                                | 'xls'
                                                                                | 'xla'
                                                                                | 'biff8'
                                                                                | 'biff5'
                                                                                | 'biff2'
                                                                                | 'xlml'
                                                                                | 'ods'
                                                                                | 'fods'
                                                                                | 'csv'
                                                                                | 'txt'
                                                                                | 'sylk'
                                                                                | 'slk'
                                                                                | 'html'
                                                                                | 'dif'
                                                                                | 'rtf'
                                                                                | 'prn'
                                                                                | 'eth'
                                                                                | 'dbf';
                                                                                • Type of generated workbook 'xlsx'

                                                                                type CBFunc

                                                                                type CBFunc = () => void;
                                                                                • Attempts to write or download workbook data to file asynchronously

                                                                                type ExcelDataType

                                                                                type ExcelDataType = 'b' | 'n' | 'e' | 's' | 'd' | 'z';
                                                                                • The Excel data type for a cell. b Boolean, n Number, e error, s String, d Date, z Stub

                                                                                type NumberFormat

                                                                                type NumberFormat = string | number;
                                                                                • Number Format (either a string or an index to the format table)

                                                                                type RangeSpec

                                                                                type RangeSpec = string | Range | CellAddress;
                                                                                • Range specifier (string or range or cell), single-cell lifted to range

                                                                                type SheetKeys

                                                                                type SheetKeys = string | MarginInfo | SheetType;

                                                                                  type SheetType

                                                                                  type SheetType = 'sheet' | 'chart';

                                                                                    type WSKeys

                                                                                    type WSKeys =
                                                                                    | SheetKeys
                                                                                    | ColInfo[]
                                                                                    | RowInfo[]
                                                                                    | Range[]
                                                                                    | ProtectInfo
                                                                                    | AutoFilterInfo;

                                                                                      type WSSpec

                                                                                      type WSSpec = string | number | WorkSheet;
                                                                                      • Worksheet specifier (string, number, worksheet)

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                                                                                      Dependencies (7)

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