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npm i @types/webpack-manifest-plugin
yarn add @types/webpack-manifest-plugin
pnpm add @types/webpack-manifest-plugin


TypeScript definitions for webpack-manifest-plugin



variable WebpackManifestPlugin

const WebpackManifestPlugin: new (options?: Options) => WebpackPluginInstance;


    function getCompilerHooks

    getCompilerHooks: (compiler: Compiler) => {
    afterEmit: SyncWaterfallHook;
    beforeEmit: SyncWaterfallHook;


      interface FileDescriptor

      interface FileDescriptor {}

        property chunk

        chunk?: Chunk | undefined;
        • Only available if isChunk is true.

        property isAsset

        isAsset: boolean;

          property isChunk

          isChunk: boolean;

            property isInitial

            isInitial: boolean;
            • Is required to run you app. Cannot be true if isChunk is false.

            property isModuleAsset

            isModuleAsset: boolean;
            • Is required by a module. Cannot be true if isAsset is false.

            property name

            name: string | null;

              property path

              path: string;

                interface Options

                interface Options {}

                  property basePath

                  basePath?: string | undefined;
                  • A path prefix for all keys. Useful for including your output path in the manifest. Default: ''

                  property fileName

                  fileName?: string | undefined;
                  • The manifest filename in your output directory. Default: 'manifest.json'

                  property filter

                  filter?: ((file: FileDescriptor) => boolean) | undefined;
                  • Filter out files which make up the manifest. Return true to keep the file, false to remove it.

                  property generate

                  | ((
                  seed: object,
                  files: FileDescriptor[],
                  entries: Record<string, string[]>
                  ) => object)
                  | undefined;
                  • Create the manifest. It can return anything as long as it's serializable by JSON.stringify.

                  property map

                  map?: ((file: FileDescriptor) => FileDescriptor) | undefined;
                  • Modify file details before the manifest is created.

                  property publicPath

                  publicPath?: string | undefined;
                  • A path prefix that will be added to values of the manifest. Default: output.publicPath

                  property removeKeyHash

                  removeKeyHash?: RegExp | boolean | undefined;
                  • Remove hashes from manifest keys. Defaults to Webpack's md5 hash. Default: /([a-f0-9]{32}.?)/gi

                  property seed

                  seed?: object | undefined;
                  • A cache of key/value pairs to used to seed the manifest. Default: {}

                  property serialize

                  serialize?: ((manifest: object) => string) | undefined;
                  • Output manifest file in different format then json (i.e. yaml).

                  property sort

                  sort?: ((fileA: FileDescriptor, fileB: FileDescriptor) => number) | undefined;
                  • Sort files before they are passed to generate.

                  property useEntryKeys

                  useEntryKeys?: boolean | undefined;
                  • If true, the keys specified in the entry property will be used as keys in the manifest. Default: false

                  property writeToFileEmit

                  writeToFileEmit?: boolean | undefined;
                  • If set to true will emit to build folder and memory in combination with webpack-dev-server. Default: false

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