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npm i @types/webpackbar
yarn add @types/webpackbar
pnpm add @types/webpackbar


TypeScript definitions for webpackbar



class WebpackBar

class WebpackBar extends ProgressPlugin {}
  • Elegant ProgressBar and Profiler for Webpack


constructor(options?: WebpackBar.Options);

    property state

    readonly state: WebpackBar.Status;


      interface Options

      interface Options {}

        property basic

        basic?: boolean | undefined;
        • Enable a simple log reporter (only start and end) Defaults to 'true' when running in minimal environments true

        property color

        color?: string | undefined;
        • Color output of the progress bar 'green'

        property fancy

        fancy?: boolean | undefined;
        • Enable bars reporter Defaults to 'true' when not in CI or testing mod true

        property name

        name?: string | undefined;
        • Display name 'webpack'

        property profile

        profile?: boolean | undefined;
        • Enable profiler false

        property reporter

        reporter?: Reporter | null | undefined;
        • Register a custom reporter null

        property reporters

        reporters?: string[] | undefined;
        • Register an Array of your custom reporters. ['basic'] | ['fancy']

        interface Reporter

        interface Reporter {}
        • If you plan to provide your own reporter, don't forget to setting fancy and basic options to false to prevent conflicts. A reporter should be instance of a class or plain object and functions for special hooks. It is not necessary to implement all functions, webpackbar only calls those that exists

        property afterAllDone

        afterAllDone?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;

          property allDone

          allDone?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
          • Called when _all_ compiles finished

          property beforeAllDone

          beforeAllDone?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;

            property change

            change?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
            • Called when a file changed on watch mode

            property done

            done?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
            • Called when compile finished

            property progress

            progress?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
            • Called when build progress updated

            property start

            start?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
            • Called when (re)compile is started

            property update

            update?: ReporterContextFunc | undefined;
            • Called after each progress update

            interface Status

            interface Status {}

              property color

              readonly color: string;

                property details

                readonly details: string[];

                  property done

                  readonly done: boolean;
                  • false

                  property hasErrors

                  readonly hasErrors: boolean;
                  • false

                  property message

                  readonly message: string;
                  • ''

                  property name

                  readonly name: string;

                    property progress

                    readonly progress: number;
                    • -1

                    property request

                    readonly request: null | {
                    readonly file: null | string;
                    readonly loaders: string[];

                      property start

                      readonly start: [number, number] | null;
                      • null

                      Type Aliases

                      type ReporterContextFunc

                      type ReporterContextFunc = (context: WebpackBar) => void;
                      • 'context' is the reference to the plugin You can use 'context.state' to access status

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